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Top 5 Travel Experiences


It is undeniable that a journey to a far flung corner of the world is an incredible travel experience, creating beloved and long last memories. But what exactly makes travelling so magical? A question discussed countless times, under starry skies and on sandy shores across the world, but it can be hard to qualify.  Here is our list of 5 travel moments sure to evoke that sense of magic when exploring the world. 

Indian food Authentic flavours

When visiting any city, you are certain to be greeted by a plethora of restaurants, offering access to cuisines from all corners of the world. But  there is nothing like tasting a dish in the country from which it originated, be it an old favourite or something brand new! 

Many of us are familiar with Indian cuisine. On a lazy evening, we have all ordered it in as a hearty and delicious alternative to cooking! However, this food does little to represent the sheer variety of flavours that come from the country. In the northern areas of India you will find warm curries, with meat used throughout. The cuisine of the southern half of the country is nearly entirely vegetarian, with much lighter and sharper flavours. These dishes are served on large meta ‘Thali’ dishes designed for sharing.  

Sinking your toes into sand

There aren’t many places that evoke feelings of bliss more than tropical beaches, with their beautiful white sands, turquoise waters and towering palms. The first steps toward the sea, letting your feet sink into the sand as warm waters ebb and flow around you, is a moment not soon forgotten. 

Indonesia is arguably the best place to begin a search for the perfect beach. With over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian Archipelago, each surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the country has more pristine beaches than anyone could visit in a lifetime.  A highlight of the thousands of Indonesian islands is Flores. Named ‘Flowers’ by Portuguese colonials, the island has wonderful lagoons, diving hotspots, and picturesque beaches in abundance. 

torres del paineA view of natural wonder

There is a true sense of awe when beholding the view from high upon a hill, the sloping banks of a riverside or the sweeping vistas of open fields. The further afield you journey, the greater the reward awaiting you. There are countless locations that act as perfect demonstration of the natural splendour and beauty of our world.

The Torres Del Paine in Argentina is undoubtedly one of the most striking landscapes on the planet, rivaling the beauty and scale of The Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji, but with far less visitors. What is staggering about the national park, is how much there is to discover beyond the towering spires of granite. Still mountain lakes, snaking paths through hills and valleys, and great blue glaciers are but a handful of examples of the natural splendour you can expect to see in this stunning national park. 

A rare animal sighting

Our planet’s great variety of landscapes and climates has allowed its biodiversity to thrive. Tropical rainforests are the undisputed meccas for wildlife lovers. Covering 2% of the planet’s surface, they are home to 50% of plant and animal species and attract millions of visitors each year. But outside of the dense and verdant rainforests are some of the rarest and most stunning animals and plants. 

One country that can offer wildlife in abundance is Uganda. It’s home to over 10 national parks and each boasts an incredible array of biodiversity. With over 350 species of mammal and 1000 species of bird on offer, Uganda is a wildlife hotspot unlike any other. Murchison Falls National Park is the largest park in the country and is the perfect place to spot 4 of the African big 5; buffalos, elephants, lions and leopards. 

Heading into the mountain forests of Uganda,you can come face-to-face with some of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, chimpanzees and gorillas. The Kibale National Park is home to 13 species of primates including large troops of chimps. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park holds a rare opportunity for visitors to come close to habituated gorillas, now critically endangered. 

Morocco SouksFeeling a million miles from home 

This magical moment is a quiet one, so quiet  that no one but you will hear it. When on the trip of lifetime, there is an inevitable point when the differences between the country you are exploring and the one you call home become truly apparent. It is a wonderful feeling to let go of long-standing habits, greetings, and traditions, to fully immerse yourself in a new culture.

Of the vibrant and varied cultures of the world, Morocco’s is certainly one of the most intoxicating. Wandering the narrow souks of its cities, passing shop fronts selling ornate jewellery, exotic spices and colourful ceramics, it’s easy to fall in love with the look and feel of the country. What takes a little more acclimatising, however, is the practice of haggling when shopping. It is something that can seem quite daunting at first, but upon returning from this vibrant nation you will be fighting the urge to haggle the price of your weekly shop!

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