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You Call This Winter? 5 Places to Get Really Cold


In the UK, the approach of winter is greeted with a groan. The problem with British winters though is that they tend to be not cold enough – just grey, drizzly and windy. Given that we have to face winter, TravelLocal thinks that it makes sense to embrace it and aspire to a proper winter with beautiful snowy landscapes and crisp winter days. Here we present some places where you can do just that.

  1. Harbin Ice FestivalThe Harbin Ice Festival, China. With temperatures down to -30 degrees, winter in Harbin is harsh. Lucky then that they have one of the world’s most renowned ice sculpture festivals to buoy them through the winter – and what a festival. Featuring hundreds of huge, complex, colourfully lit sculptures, the festival lasts over a month.
  2. The Great Wall, Beijing. Up on the wall can be icy cold in winter – but the wall snaking across a snowbound landscape is a view you will remember for ever – and one you’ll likely have to yourself too.
  3. The Kumaon Himalayas, India. If you’re going to visit the mountains, then winter can be a great time. Crisp winter days mean the views are superb, while the lower temperatures make for more comfortable walking.
  4. Mongolia. You need to be hardy to stand a visit to Mongolia in winter. Temperatures are consistently down to -20 degrees. If you do you’ll be rewarded with beautiful snowy landscapes, ice, eagle and camel festivals, and a warm welcome from the locals – who see hardly any visitors at this time of year.
  5. Almaty, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s main city can seem a little drab and ‘Soviet’, but really comes alive in winter. The nearby ski resort of Shymbulak has great views and is certainly somewhere a little different to indulge in a spot of skiing.

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