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Where to go in: September


With so many fantastic destinations on offer, it can be tricky to narrow down where in the world fits your plans best. If you are considering a September departure, here are 5 TravelLocal recommendations to tempt you. Which will you choose?


September is one of the best months to visit Tanzania, and can accommodate those looking for sublime beaches as well as safari fans. If you plan to enjoy a trip featuring both of these, September is a great choice. Temperatures are relatively cool, not usually above 30 degrees celsius, skies are often clear and humidity is low. Travel and sightseeing is perfectly manageable in these conditions, though nights are distinctly chilly in many areas, so it’s wise to pack layers for early morning game drives and evenings out. All the Tanzanian parks are open in September and Kilimanjaro is open for trekking.


Across much of the Indonesian archipelago, the climate in September is warm and relatively dry although some areas, like Northern Sumatra and Sulawesi, are more prone to rainfall. September is the end of the dry season in much of the country, and makes a great month to visit Bali, Java, most of Sumatra and the islands of Nusa Tenggara. High season is coming to an end, but temperatures are still balmy and island pursuits such as snorkelling, surfing, volcano trekking and sunbathing are very much the norm. September is also a great time for tracking down wildlife such as the Komodo dragons on Rinca and Flores, or the orangutans of Kalimantan. Visitor numbers tend to tail off as the month progresses, so September can be the ideal time to travel around Indonesia.

Costa Rica

The off season in Costa Rica is known as the ‘green season’ and this can be a fabulous time to see the country without the crowds. The wildlife can sometimes be more difficult to spot in the midst of a tropical downpour, but you will have the pick of the accommodation, some prices are reduced and most locations will be far more peaceful and accessible. The rain tends to come in bursts each day, so there are plenty of dry stretches for sightseeing. The place to be in September is the Caribbean coast, where the generally rainy climate hits a lull for two months across September and October, heralding a drier and more appealing season for seeing the best of the region. Tortuguero national park is best at this time, and turtles come ashore along its beaches to lay their eggs, an incredible spectacle not to be missed. There are many reefs all along the Caribbean coastline, making it a great place for snorkelling or diving, and there are interesting cultural diversions too, as this area has a distinct Afro-Caribbean vibe all of its own.


Outside the extremes of summer and winter, when some parts of Jordan can be unpleasantly hot or cold, temperatures are pleasantly warm and settled. September, particularly the later half of the month, is a great month to make the most of all that Jordan has to offer, with a level of heat that is dropping away from the extremes of summer but is warm enough for the high altitude attractions of Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum not to feel chilly. The Dead Sea will be cooling down after the heat of summer, and the desert at night will be bearable as opposed to the chill of late autumn and winter nights.


Thanks to the huge longitudinal span of Chile’s landmass, there are some substantial climatic variations. Other than Chilean Patagonia (which is best visited in the summer months of December to March) much of the country has the perfect climate for sightseeing and touring during September. The northern sector of Chile is taken up with the Atacama desert, best in the shoulder seasons, and the Central Valley is alluring in the September spring. Attractive countryside around the famous Chilean wineries is greening, vines are growing vigorously and flowers are beginning to bloom. Santiago can be visited all year round, but September offers moderate warmth which makes seeing the city’s highlights a pleasure.

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