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Top Travel Blogs – October


With the online travel blogging community offering varied and diverse opinions, the choice on offer can feel slightly overwhelming. As October moves forwards, we are putting the spotlight on two of our favourite bloggers who approach travel in innovative ways. We caught up with Unhook Now (Wayne and Pat Dunlap) and The Style Traveller (Bonnie Rakhit). These two travel writers offer very different angles: from documenting memories to bringing fashion to the open road.

Wayne and Pat Dunlap – Unhook Now

Over the past five years, having decided to sell their business and lease out their home, Wayne and Pat Dunlap have been full time nomads. Wayne DunlapActive and engaged members of the travel community, their blog has won multiple awards for its engaging and informative content. Examining travel on all levels, from budget to luxury, their blog offers tips and advice for any kind of jetsetter. Currently touring New England, Wayne managed to spare some time for a chat with us about his life on the open road and the inspiration he’s drawn from it.

TL: What inspired you to start travel blogging? Was it a particular destination or experience?

We wanted to experience life. When we retired and sold our business, we started on a 3-month trip to see some of the wonderful places of the world we dreamed to see. That morphed into 5 years of travel to 100 countries and 44 U.S. States. Our travel blog was started to keep a memory for ourselves and our family and friends.

TL: What’s the most immersive, ‘local’ experience you’ve had while travelling?

We attempt to immerse ourselves everywhere we go. Travel is an adventure and a chance to enjoy yourself and learn more about yourself and other cultures. To get the full experience you should embrace new ways of doing things, enjoy new foods, and appreciate people and beliefs different from what you already know. As we have said before, try to understand and not judge others. In doing so, you will learn more about yourself and adopt new attitudes that will enrich the rest of your life. We attempt to have local experiences everywhere we travel by Unhook Nowstaying in family run hotels and B&B’s.

TL: What’s your favourite destination and why?

It’s hard to choose just one! There are the Greek Islands for the beauty, food, people, and beaches. The Cook Islands for absolutely some of the most beautiful sites on earth. Of course, Japan for history, culture, food, and exploring new ways of living life. Then England, France, and Italy for history, food, and amazing things to do. New Zealand for diverse outdoors experiences. And… good old USA for just about anything you are looking for.

TL: What advice would you give someone who was thinking about going travelling?

In terms of general tips, we would say travel off season and explore a single region rather than flying to many destinations. Include smaller cities and towns in your itinerary; they’re often interesting and less expensive. Eat in local restaurants, interact with as many people as you can and take home memories rather than souvenirs!

Follow Wayne on Twitter (@wdunlap) and read his and Pat’s blog here.


Bonnie Rakhit – The Style Traveller

Bonnie RakhitBased in London, Bonnie Rakhit has left behind her fashion editor posts at British ELLE, Sunday Times Style and Grazia to write travel full time. Her angle, “a fashion editor’s guide to the world’s most stylish places” has earned her a large following as well as considerable recognition. Her lively writing style tells her readers about where to eat, drink, sleep and of course shop while travelling the world. We managed to get an interview with Bonnie to talk favourite places, travel tips and local experiences…

TL: What inspired you to start travel blogging? Was it a particular destination or experience?

I’ve been travelling since I was a child and apart from fashion, travel has always been my passion in life. So when I decided to go into blogging and launched TheStyleTraveller.com it was a no brainer to link these two subjects together.

TL: What’s the most immersive, ‘local’ experience you’ve had while travelling?

I swam with the swimming pigs in The Exumas in The Bahamas! They were so cute and friendly, literally letting you stroke them and swim The Style Travelleralongside them too. It was so much fun.

TL: What’s your favourite destination and why?

I have 3 favourite destinations, but all of them are fantastic, lively and vivid places. India, particularly Rajasthan, for its dreamy backdrops and landscapes. Rio de Janeiro as it houses so much cultures and party spirit into one city. And in Europe, Ibiza is my second home. I’m a real party girl at heart but also love the spiritual side to the island.

TL: What advice would you give someone who was thinking about going travelling?  

Go! Immediately! Live life to the fullest and see and embrace as much of the world as you can, while you are still able. It’s one of the most inspirational, humbling, educational and spiritual gifts that you can give to yourself.

Follow Bonnie on Twitter (@BonnieRakhit) and read her blog here.

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