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Top 5 destinations for family fun


Whether your children are pre-schoolers or pre-teens, whether they are just out of nappies or just starting uni, travel is a great way to broaden their understanding of the world. An exciting and varied trip will be memorable and character building, will stimulate a healthy curiosity, and can educate young minds about global issues.

Children on a canopy walk in Costa Rica

Some extra preparation may be required to ensure your children get the most from their adventure overseas, but otherwise it’s all very straightforward. Many TravelLocal itineraries can be adapted to suit a family group, and some have even been designed specifically for families. You can rest assured that our knowledgeable local experts can come up with brilliant ideas to keep children, teens and adults alike entertained and engaged. All that remains is to choose your destination, so here are some ideas for thrilling family friendly trips.

Take the kids to Costa Rica

Combine some classic beach and water sports down time with forays into the Costa Rican jungle, a thrilling experience whatever your age. Children will be enthusiastic about spotting the huge number of species present, and parents can rest assured that in this most progressive and stable of Central American countries, everything is safe and well planned for visitors. Luxurious accommodation and action packed resorts are easy to find here, and there are so many adventures on offer you will be spoilt for choice.

If you can imagine your children getting excited about zip lining through the rainforest canopy, taking a boat trip through the jungle to spot crocs or getting up close to a volcano, then get in touch with our local experts

Boy playing on Costa Rican beach

Family holidays in India

The wonders of India can be enjoyed by all the family with some planning, and there are several ways to make a traditional itinerary more child friendly. Consider spending some of your time touring the countryside lanes by bike, which keeps restless young legs occupied and offers a brilliant perspective on village life. Plan to cover some routes by train, which is a never ending show of characters, happenings, traders, conversation and generally an entertaining and relaxing way to travel. Perhaps add some thrills to your itinerary by going in search of elusive tigers, an idea which is sure to capture the imagination of any young mind.

If this sounds like the perfect kind of trip for your family, then send an enquiry to our local experts in India.

Tiger in India

Family holiday to Peru

If your children have even a fleeting interest in nature, history and culture, Peru will enchant them. Explore the origins of the Inca empire by spending time hiking in the Sacred Valley and learning about their incredibly advanced agricultural techniques and construction methods. Take the train towards iconic Machu Picchu for an unforgettable day admiring the lofty citadel the Incas once frequented. There’s so much of cultural and educational merit in this region and older children in particular will certainly discover so much about the ancient empire. A trip to Lake Titicaca is similarly fascinating from an educational point of view, seeing how people live in such a remote and scenic spot and how their lives are so different – yet on some levels so similar – to our own. Why not enjoy some time in the Peruvian lowlands, too, exploring the Amazon basin and the immense biodiversity on display?

If Incan ruins and wondrous Amazonian wildlife sound sound appealing to your family, then get in touch with our local experts in Peru to start planning your trip. 

Machu Picchu, Peru

Morocco for families

In a country with so much to see, it is no surprise that children can be easily included in your itinerary. There are beaches to relax on, waves to surf on, mountains to climb up, deserts to camp in, and souks to get lost in. Perhaps your child(ren) would like to experience some adrenaline sports such as desert dune bashing in giant 4×4 vehicles, or maybe they are more inclined to take the more peaceful option of a camel trek into the sands. A night in the desert is also an experience never to be forgotten, with Bedouin folklore, classic cuisine and accommodation in traditional tented bedrooms, not forgetting the incomparable view of the night sky. The spectacle of the Jemaa el Fna square at dusk is not to missed, and will captivate curious young minds with its cornucopia of entertainment and Moroccan cuisine.

Does a desert adventure sound like the perfect trip for your family? Get in touch with our local experts in Morocco to start putting together your perfect itinerary.

Camel trekking in Morocco

Family safari in South Africa

Take in the highlights of South Africa and be in no doubt that your kids will love the trip just as much as you do. Clamber into a cable car and take in the view from the top of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, visit the penguins in Simonstown, admire ostriches in the Karoo or elephants in Addo before heading even further north to the game reserves where your young ones will love spotting the Big Five as well as countless other wildlife.

If a South African adventure is the one for you then get in touch with our local experts.

Boy on safari

Make it happen

Take your children out of their comfort zone for a true adventure and memories that will last them a lifetime. There’s a world of experiences out there – why not give them a head start? Don’t forget any suggested itineraries can be tailored to your specific requirements. Click on the links above to find out more about these destinations.

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