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Take the kids to… South America


South America is a continent packed full of adventure, and for that reason many of the holiday highlights that make it so exciting are ideal places to inspire young minds. Iconic landmarks such as Macchu Picchu and Iguazu Falls are thrilling, conjuring up images of lost civilisations and bringing nature’s drama closer.Iguazu Falls Older kids in particular are suited to a South American trip, and though there are destinations that would suit families with small children, some of the most thrilling sights are not ideal for the under 8’s.

Browse our South America pages, and stoke your children’s enthusiasm with pictures of glaciers in Patagonia, the Amazon jungle and the wildlife of the Galapagos, then watch their imaginations ignite.

Here’s a selection of ideas for fun filled family trips in South America.


There’s loads to get excited about in this adventurous destination. It’s a wildlife haven, which gives you the perfect excuse to get your family out into nature and up close with Colombia’s creatures. Our experts have no shortage of exciting ideas for your bespoke Colombian trip – how about a night safari through the Amazon forest, a cable car ride to a peak above the capital, or the opportunity to whale watch from a paddle board?

If that’s not enough to get the adrenaline pumping, try an alligator safari, a jungle walk, ziplining or fishing from a traditional boat. There’s so much packed into this fabulous destination, yet there are plenty of options for down-time and relaxing in beautiful surroundings too.

Have a look at this Wild Colombia itinerary by our local experts for inspiration.

Galapagos Islands

IguanaIf you haven’t already seen the racing snakes clip from Planet Earth II with David Attenborough, watch it with your children to get them excited about the Galapagos. It’s a remarkable piece of footage that shows just how unique the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is, and how dramatic survival can be. These islands are an incredible educational tool – they even assisted Darwin on his path to the Theory of Evolution – and there is so much to learn on a trip through the archipelago. One of the things that makes a trip here so special is that much of the animal life has not experienced man as a predator, so creatures are often quite bold and unperturbed in your presence.

Have a look at the Galapagos island hopping itinerary by our local partner for inspiration.


Enjoy some exciting family time taking in some of Peru’s most famous sights. What would your children think of the dramatic setting of Macchu Picchu or the huge blue expanse of Lake Titicaca? Perhaps take some time to explore the Amazon while you are visiting, as many of the most easily accessible tracts of jungle can be found here. Our friendly local experts have lots of tricks up their sleeves to make your itinerary more family-friendly. If your children enjoy travelling by train, they can build this into your bespoke itinerary. You’re not sure your youngest would cope with the trek to Machu Picchu? They can arrange a bus transfer. Peru has a wonderful combination of adventure and culture, and your children will see many different ways of life as you travel around the country. Inspirational.

Take a look at the Andes Highlights itinerary for more inspiration.


PatagoniaAre you an adventurous family looking for some supersized thrills? Do you love being at one with the elements? Patagonia could be the destination for you. It’s not for the faint-hearted as it is wild, huge and empty. However, it’s a land of staggering beauty and variety, and as long as your child(ren) have plenty of stamina and enthusiasm, a trip to Patagonia could be an incredible adventure. Horse riding in the Andes, boat tours to see glaciers, incredible views of Torres del Paine; there’s lots to keep young minds interested.

Take a look at the Best of Patagonia itinerary by local experts for inspiration.


Jaguar Amazon BrazilIf you’ve ever wanted to go deep into the Amazon and see a different side of Brazil from the urban distractions of Rio and the famous carnival, our local experts are the perfect people to help. They are very experienced at organising unforgettable trips to under the radar locations, and can put together your bespoke adventure which could include some days spent travelling along the Amazon river by houseboat, or perhaps canoe excursions to see monkeys, macaws, toucans and parrots in the rainforest. There are often caiman to spot along the Amazon riverbank and sometimes even a chance to fish for piranha! For the truly intrepid, why not include a night or two camping out in the jungle and learning survival skills? With Viare Travel’s help, your trip could be the ultimate Amazon experience for your budding explorers.

Have a look at the Amazon Adventure itinerary for more inspiration.

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