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Take the kids to… Morocco


For an exotic family adventure without the long haul flights Morocco is a fantastic destination, and with no jetlag to worry about your adventure can start as soon as you arrive. There is lots to get excited about for all age groups, from riding the waves at surf hotspots to haggling for souvenirs in the souks.

Quad-biking in desert MoroccoThis is a really varied destination where the distinctive local culture infuses everything with an alluring Moroccan flavour, where children are welcomed and family fun is easy to come by. Beaches punctuate the coast, mountain ranges crisscross the country and ancient mercantile cities echo with the clatter of hoofs in twisting alleyways.

The climate is reliably warm and sunny for much of the year, and apart from high summer when children (and grown-ups) might struggle with the fierce heat, Morocco is ideal for a varied family trip. Don’t forget, our expert local operators are skilled at creating bespoke trips according to individual requirements, so you can tweak your itinerary until it fits your family perfectly. They have lots of experience putting trips together for families with children of all ages, so let them know what kind of activities you are into and they can plan accordingly. Here are some TravelLocal ideas for things to do for families in Morocco.


EssaouiraWith its broad sandy beach and manageable medina, Essaouira is a great place to relax for a few days waterside. The ambience of the town is quite refined, with assorted galleries, markets, fishing boats and workshops scattered throughout, and sturdy ramparts defining the centre of town. As well as lounging and swimming on the beach, camel rides are on offer, and there are usually a few lively football matches going on. The port is always busy with fishing boats and there are boat trips available too.


Any child with a curious nature and a sense of adventure will love Fez. FezAs soon as you pass through one of the ancient gates into the medieval medina, you’re in a different world where donkeys take the place of cars and lavish palaces are hidden behind the plainest of doorways. It’s fun to follow the themed routes through the labyrinth of lanes, especially as children enjoy looking out for the colour-coded markers. Take a peek at the tanneries, where leather is cured and dyed in timeworn fashion. You even get a sprig of mint to hold under your nose to mask the smell!


MarrakechA particular highlight of Morocco, this is a city so overflowing with colour and life that children will be entranced. The sheer scale and variety of the souks can seem insurmountable, but in reality they are subdivided into various subsections according to craft. Haggling can be fun for kids as well as adults, and there are loads of great, inexpensive items for children to buy. The circus-like Djemma el-Fna is a brilliant spectacle for youngsters, with acrobats, snake charmers, musicians, magicians and hawkers to keep them interested. The Oasiria waterpark on the edge of the city is an instant hit with souk-weary children, too.

The mountains

BerberUnderstanding more about the Berber way of life is special for children and adults alike. The Berber hail from the mountains of Morocco and a trip to their region gives a snapshot of their enduring culture. Time spent in the Middle or High Atlas is rewarding for many other reasons too, as these ranges are blessed with wonderful scenery and some spectacular trails for trekkers of all abilities. Take time to visit a kasbah to glimpse the traditional livelihood of the date farmer, or relax in the panoramic surroundings of your mountain accommodation.

The desert

Camels in Morocco DesertFire those young imaginations with a desert encounter. Morocco has large swathes of desert and some very impressive dunes. For a truly immersive and unforgettable desert experience, why not spend a night under the desert stars? Travel by camel caravan to a Berber tented camp in the Sahara, dine on traditional local dishes in the romance of the desert dusk, before joining your hosts around the campfire for some Berber music and drumming. Climb the dunes of Erg Chebbi for a memorable sunrise over the classic desert scenery.

Make it happen

There are so many ways to enjoy Morocco with the kids in tow, it can be hard to know how to fit everything in. Why not let our local experts take the strain out of organising your family adventure? Provide them with a few details and they will do the rest of the planning for you.

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