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Meet Gulnora – Our Local Partner In Uzbekistan


We have known Gulnora since 2003. She watches all our Central Asia and Silk Route trips like a hawk, and has a keen love of her part of the world. We talked to her about her company:

When did you found the company?

We opened our first office in Kashgar in 2003. Later we opened in Urumqi and Tashkent. I now work from our Tashkent office with my colleagues Natalya and Olga. Many clients know Olga! She loves engaging with them and planning their trips to the last detail.

What’s your favourite place in Central Asia?

Bukhara, UzbekistanThe whole of Uzbekistan is my favourite place! I love my country but especially I like magic Bukhara and our small picturesque mountain villages. In Xinjiang I like Tashkurgan and the Karakorum Highway, and of course Kashgar is fantastic too.

What new ideas are you and your team looking at?

We are looking at the possibility of developing rural tourism which is very interesting, but also new combined tours with special themes like textiles, archaeology, cuisine. We were also one of the pioneers of visiting Shipton’s Arch, near Kashgar in China.

Why is travelling with local companies important to you?

I am sure that the best way of organising your journey is too make direct reservations with a local tour company. You get information from them first hand and can be sure that the people who corresponded with you, afterwards will be directly responsible for your journey.

Do you have a message for any TravelLocal customers out there thinking of coming to Central Asia?

Come to Central Asia! We look forward to welcoming all our guests. This is a special part of the world. Come, enjoy it, then tell all your friends and family on your return!

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For further information on our partner company see their profile page. You can also browse some of their sample itineraries on the Uzbekistan destination page.

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