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Nine breakfast dishes from around the world


How do you like your eggs in the morning? At home, I’m not a big breakfast eater. It takes an hour or two and my stomach to start rumbling before I’ll even consider consuming anything other than black coffee. But that all changes when I’m abroad. For reasons unknown, I’m ravenous as soon as I wake. Here’s my pick of the 9 best breakfasts on earth:

Medialunas, Argentina

They don’t call Buenos Aires the Paris of Latin America for nothing. Argentines like nothing more than something small and sweet for breakfast, just like their French counterparts. Medialunas are crescent-shaped pastries, much like croissants and are typically smothered with rich dulce de leche (a kind of South American caramel) and accompanied by milky coffee.

Parathas, India

The circular paratha is a stable on the breakfast menu across northern India. Either plain or filled with paneer (a type of Indian cheese) or potato, the flatbread is used to mop up a range of vegetable curries, curd (a type of yogurt) and pickles. For tea lovers, the espresso-style shots of milky tea are the perfect pick-me-up.

Ceviche, Peru

If you are travelling down Peru’s coast, be sure to try ceviche, a zingy blend of raw white fish marinated in a mix of lime and other citrus juices, chili and red onions. The side of corn, either fresh or fried and sweet potato give the breakfast some necessary crunch and texture. Although you can find it in the highlands, for freshness, we suggest only eating it on the coast.

Gallo pinto, Costa Rica

Literally translating to ‘spotted rooster’ and found throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua, this popular breakfast of rice dotted with beans is cooked in chicken stock. This just makes the base of the breakfast, with cheese, tortilla, eggs, fried plantain and a little salad adding the final flourish.

Congee, Thailand

The beauty of Thailand is that there are no breakfast dishes – eat anything you like at any time. However, if you had to pick one commonly eaten in the morning, it’s congee, a thick porridge-like bowl of overcooked rice soup which originated from China. Either eaten plain with a little soy sauce or including ginger, spring onions, a selection of meat and a poached egg.

Waakye, Ghana

Found at roadside vendors and street stalls the country over, waakye is a mouth-watering mix of rice, beans, spices, stewed meats or fried fish, boiled eggs and vegetables, often eaten with kelewele and fried plantain. It’s got a number of other names depending on which region you’re in – waache and awaakye.

Changua, Colombia

This Andean breakfast is a creamy concoction of milk, coriander, spring onions, and poached eggs. Yesterday’s slightly stale bread thickens the soup, and the garnished cheese will melt in if you can leave it long enough. Simple and delicious, to try changua at its finest head to the capital, Bogota.

Fuul, Jordan

A scrumptious blend of boiled fava beans, chillies, lemon juice and plenty of olive oil makes it onto most breakfast tables. Hot flat breads called khubez are used to mob up the paste in the absence of cutlery. You’ll often find cold hummus, falafels and a chopped salad to add variety and bulk out the meal.

Huevos rancheros, Mexico

This is rural Mexican fare at its best. Chili, refried beans, avocado, eggs and spicy rice are piled onto freshly toasted corn tortillas. This isn’t an early meal. Being a farmer’s breakfast, it’s often served later in the mid-morning.

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