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Jul 17, 2020

Interview with our local partners in Indonesia

Kati Taylor

Our Indonesian partners share their tips to experience the real Indonesia. From diverse wildlife and secluded beaches to ancient temples, find out why travelling to this part of the world is unforgettable.

AprilMayJune, +2
Food & Drink
Nov 19, 2019

The world’s most breathtaking landscapes

Martha Hales

We’ve picked out fifteen of our favourite breathtaking landscapes to brighten your day and get you dreaming of your next adventure. 

ChinaVietnamJapan, +11
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Aug 8, 2019

Best active holiday destinations

Martha Hales

We've gathered together our top destinations around the world for active holidays. From hiking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to skiing in Kyrgyzstan, there's a trip to suit all adventure lovers and thrill-seekers!

ArgentinaIndiaEthiopia, +32
AdventureWalking & HikingCycling, +2
Aug 3, 2019

Indigenous people of the world

Martha Hales

In celebration of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, we've gathered together our top itineraries which grant travellers the privilege of spending time with, and meeting, native communities.

IndonesiaPanamaChina, +9
Off the Beaten Path
Jul 17, 2019

Five of the best destinations for veggies and vegans

Martha Hales

There are lots of wonderful destinations that can offer great food to vegans and vegetarians! Whether they are simply understanding being part of a fasting culture themselves, or they just happen to have embraced vegetarian cuisine over time, these are our top 5 destinations for veggies and vegans.

IndonesiaMalaysiaEthiopia, +2
Food & Drink
Apr 24, 2019

Where to see the world's most endangered species

Martha Hales

The Earth and its animals are precious and some of the most endangered species are teetering of the edge of extinction - only we can help. Here we've looked at the reasons for why so many species' populations are in decline, and where you can ethically go to see these incredible animals in the wild.

Galapagos IslandsCambodiaCosta Rica, +22
Off the Beaten PathWildlifeSafari
Nov 20, 2018

Our top 10 snorkelling destinations

Martha Hales

Trying to decide where to go on holiday with the best snorkelling? We've gathered together 10 of the best snorkelling (and diving) destinations, from the sparkling waters of Raja Ampat in Indonesia to the Great Blue Hole and epic coral reefs of Belize.

BrazilIndonesiaGalapagos Islands, +6
Undiscovered BeachesWildlifeCoast, +1
Oct 19, 2018

Where to see birds in Indonesia

Martha Hales

The 17,000 islands of Indonesia are home to an unrivalled number of bird species, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. From the untouched corners of West Papua to the populous island of Java, we'll give you the run down of the top birding highlights in Indonesia.

MayJuneSeptember, +1
Walking & HikingWildlife
Oct 1, 2018

Strange beasts and where to find them

Corinne Homer

The world is home to some weird and wonderful creatures, and here at TravelLocal we often come across them as we research destinations with our local experts. From the rarely seen pink fairy armadillo to the alien appearance of the snub nosed monkey, find out our favourite strange beasts and where to find them...

PeruArgentinaRwanda, +12
Off the Beaten PathWildlifeUnique to TravelLocal
Jun 24, 2018

Following in the footsteps of Marianne North

Samantha Fergusson

One of the most extraordinary women of the Victorian era, Marianne North was a botanist and artist who travelled wherever she needed to in order to paint plants in their natural environment. Discover where her desire to document these incredible specimens took her...

BrazilJapanChile, +5
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HistoryUnique to TravelLocalOff the Beaten Path
Dec 24, 2017

Where to go in 2018... and why!

Martha Hales

We've selected 12 destinations from across the globe to inspire your 2018 travel plans - each have something special happening in the month they are paired with...

ArmeniaSouth AfricaArgentina, +9
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
CoastClassicUnique to TravelLocal, +8
Dec 18, 2017

Your Ultimate Guide to Indonesia

Martha Hales

From where to find the orangutans to which are the best beaches, this guide gives you all the information you need to know before you go to Indonesia.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Unique to TravelLocalUndiscovered BeachesHistory, +6
Nov 23, 2017

November News from TravelLocal HQ

Huw Owen

Huw and Tom, TravelLocal's founders and MDs, give an update on what we have been up to in November, including awards for Ecuador at The Savoy and the launch of Japan.

MoroccoIndonesiaSouth Africa, +8
Unique to TravelLocalCoastWildlife, +1
Oct 9, 2017

In search of Birds of Paradise

Samantha Fergusson

These heavenly birds, with their colourful plumage and eccentric dances, are on many a bird-watchers bucket list. Here's a quick guide to where to find them.

MayJuneJuly, +2
Off the Beaten PathWildlifeWalking & Hiking
Sep 22, 2017

Top 5 Coffee Destinations

Samantha Fergusson

Travel to the wonderful, exotic locations around the globe where coffee is raised from shrub to bean to brew. From volcanic foothills to thick, mountainside jungle, discover the best coffee destinations in the world.

ColombiaUgandaIndonesia, +2
Food & Drink
Sep 15, 2017

Following in the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace

Samantha Fergusson

Follow in the footsteps of Alfred Wallace through Borneo and Indonesia, and catch a glimpse of the species that helped to prove the Wallace Darwin Theory of Evolution.

Great JourneysHistoryWildlife
Sep 13, 2017

September News from TravelLocal HQ

Huw Owen

Catch up with the latest news from the TravelLocal headquarters as we look towards extending summer for as long as we can, and announce a fabulous new country to be featured on the site...

Sep 1, 2017

Top 5 Island Escapes

Martha Hales

Discover our top five island escapes - sunbathe on pristine beaches, eat local delicacies, dive on UNESCO recognised reefs and swim in tropical waters.

Boat JourneysCoastUndiscovered Beaches
Aug 23, 2017

Follow in the footsteps of Zheng He

Martha Hales

Heralded figure of China, Zheng He lived an adventurous life, leading huge fleets across the globe to open China's trade routes. Follow in his footsteps with these destinations across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

MalaysiaChinaVietnam, +4
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HistoryCulturalCross Border, +2
Aug 10, 2017

Take the kids to... Asia

Corinne Homer

Prepare in advance and Asia makes for a magical destination to bring your curious, adventurous kids. Read on to learn about countries to choose and tips to consider when planning a memorable family trip to Asia.

IndonesiaVietnamSri Lanka, +1
WildlifeAdventureFamily, +1
Aug 7, 2017

World Musical Instruments

Kati Taylor

Travelling is only made better with music. Be transported from Senegal to Iran with these incredible musical instruments from around the world.

Jul 24, 2017

Off the Beaten Track: Borneo

Corinne Homer

With elusive orangutans, towering mountains and acres of dense rainforest, there is so much Borneo is famous for. We take a look at some alternative excursions when visiting Asia's biggest island.

WildlifeOff the Beaten Path
Jun 14, 2017

In Search of Orangutans

Kati Taylor

Gentle and endlessly fascinating, seeing orangutans in the wild is one of the most incredible wildlife experiences in the world. Read on to find out when, where and how to see these wonderful animals...

Apr 13, 2017

Top 5 Wildlife Wonders

Kati Taylor

With so many wildlife experiences on offer around the world, it can be hard to know what to prioritise! Check out our list of the top 5 animal wonders to help you choose your next destination....

EcuadorJordanUganda, +2
Mar 22, 2017

Follow in the Footsteps of Sir David Attenborough

Timothy Vivian-Shaw

There is no voice more synonymous with wildlife documentaries than Sir David Attenborough’s. Join us as we explore the life of Attenborough and the animals and locations in his programmes...

IndiaIndonesiaGalapagos Islands
Mar 13, 2017

Top 5 Travel Experiences

Timothy Vivian-Shaw

Experiencing new foods, marveling at natural beauty and immersing yourself in new cultures are a few moments that make travelling so magical. Here is our recommendation on the top 5 travel experiences to look out for when exploring the world…

UgandaMoroccoArgentina, +2
CulturalWildlifeOff the Beaten Path
Feb 17, 2017

February Update from our Founders

Huw Owen

With February drawing to a close, we could all use a little warming up! Check out the latest update from our founders and get some travel inspiration for the colder months...

GuatemalaEthiopiaGeorgia, +1
Feb 8, 2017

A Taste of Indonesia

Timothy Vivian-Shaw

Indonesian food is as vibrant and colourful as the country itself, read on for our top tips on how to get the best culinary travel experience....

AprilMayJune, +3
Food & Drink
Oct 28, 2016

Top 5 Adventure Holiday Experiences for 2017

Kati Taylor

Looking for some inspiration for your next trip? Check out our list of adventures for 2017 and embrace your wild side…

NamibiaMoroccoIndonesia, +2
AdventureOff the Beaten PathWildlife
Sep 29, 2016

Coffee Culture: from Bean to Brew

Corinne Homer

Love of coffee extends beyond continental lines and the question of how to take it is a loaded one. Read on to find out about some of the most intriguing coffee customs around the world...

EthiopiaBrazilSenegal, +3
Food & Drink