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A joy to be travelling again even if it was relatively tame by our standards. We normally travel further afield, but it was great to see the Travel Local concept works equally well for a shorter trip 'city break' in Europe. Well thought out itinerary with a balance between guided and unguded days. The guiding and excursions outside of Athens really made all the difference. All made so much easier by having the services of Travel Local's Local Expert who provided the suggestions. The guides were super. Perfect weather too! A trip to remember that wasthe idea re-entry into freedom to travel following the lockdowns - and with the benefit that normally crowded places were devoid of people. Really impressed by the discipline in aplplying COVID-19 protection measures everywhere. A trip to recommend which proves the point of using local agent services even for trips closer to home in Europe.

Monica, from Europe - living in Hamburg - from UK once upon a time

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What was good about our local partners in Greece?

Very prompt response to enquiries and video conference communication was helpful too. Very high degree of service mindedness, also reflected in the manner of guides and drivers. Very good suggestions on the itinerary. The balance of guided and non-guided parts was spot on.

What could our local partners in Greece improve on?

The only issue we had initially was understanding the pricing merely because the price quote was quite high in comparison with other trips. So communication to explain this when raised perhaps could ahve been clearer. But in the end we thought the trip good value for money for the quality of the guiding and the long excursion days. In some parts the itinerary description didn't 100% match what we did (e.g. we visited the Temple of Poseidon well before sunset, not that this bothered us. Preferred to have fewer people. But there are people who may worry about the exact matching of description to activities. We go with the flow and the guide Babis was brilliant.

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

The guide who took us on our first evening walking tour to the Acropolis etc (sorry to have forgotten his name) was lovely. Really enthusiastic, welcoming and knowledgeable. Babis was a star. Such an interesting person of many talents and it was a pleasure to have his company over several days. He was equally at home describing flora and fauna as well as history ancient and modern. The drivers who met me and took me to the airport were really friendly, polite and efficient.

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to Greece?

Use the services of the Local Expert! It is worth the cost to have things sorted and to integrate excursions outside of Athens into the trip. So nice to be able to do thr trips by car. Also it is a good idea to have free days to go round the museums and just chill. We got the balnce right.

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

Lindsay and I agree on Epidaurus and Thorikos; and Sounion. I also was pleased that Delphi has maintained a magical quality (we were lucky it was devoid of people on the day we visited. Of the museums we visited (Acropolis, Archaelogical, Benaki for the 1821 exhibition, Byzantine), the Cycladic Art Museum was the most outstanding. Well worth a visit. I should that we were impressed by the care taken in all museums in checking vaccine passes. The Ouzo tasting was much more interesting than I anticipated. Lovely couple. The wine tasting was great too. Very interesing to learn about the production method.

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