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Well organized trip to a wonderful country

This past April we booked a customized trip to locations in southern Borneo, Central Java, and Bali. We loved Indonesia! We had a good experience with the local company, and all three of us recommend their company. Evy worked with us on modifying our itinerary several times, and was very helpful. We didn’t want to use up our two weeks there figuring out the best way to travel between different islands, and the local company took care of us. The drivers were friendly and professional, and I am happy with our decision to have transportation booked in advance. Our favorite excursion was the two-night trip on the klotok through Tanjung Puting National Park. If you enjoy wildlife and seeing a unique tropical jungle habitat, consider coming to this park before the number of visitors increases too drastically, and while there are still orangutans to see. Camping on the boat and sleeping surrounded by jungle sounds was a unique and lovely experience for us (I won’t say it wasn’t also a new level of heat and humidity to experience). We went in late April, and at that time there were a small number of tourists as well as mothers with baby orangutans and trees full of proboscis monkeys. The local company booked a great boat crew for us, including an excellent cook! Some of the best food we had. Other excursions we highly recommend are the culinary and walking tours we took in Yogyakarta with ViaVia tours - both had great guides and were a lot of fun. Yogyakarta is a great city. Some thoughts on what to skip: the Merapi jeep tour to the site of a catastrophic eruption was a bit bizarre (not sure what we expected), and the classic stop in Central Bali, Ubud, at this point is more or less an upscale western dining and shopping destination. It’s an accessible place to stay the last night in order to get to the airport, or to jump off in other excursions, but the really lovely area of Bali that we saw was in the interior district near Mt Batukaru. Overall we had a wonderful trip, and we felt like we were in good hands.

Rachel, from United States

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What was good about our local partner based in Indonesia?

Helpful, flexible, and things went off without a hitch. We appreciated the environmental focus of the company too.

What could our local partner based in Indonesia improve on?

Overall very well organized. It might have been helpful to know how far Dieng Plateau was from Yogyakarta, to help in figuring out whether the places we inquired about would result in excessive car hours, we were happy with the places we selected for the most part, and the variety.

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

Great people! We particularly enjoyed talking with Made who picked us up from the airport in Denpasar, and our guides from ViaVia Tours. Our guide in Dieng was also very kind, and Adam in Central Java took good care of us.

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to Indonesia?

Tried to put these suggestions in the review - we ended up really liking the klotok in Tanjung Puting (thumbs up to the cook!), the tours in Yogyakarta, especially the motorbike culinary tour-so much fun, and the beautiful eco lodge in Kanciana, Bali. Our least favorite things were the Merapi Jeep tour. We felt a little weird about the disaster tourism’s aspect of it, though it was interesting to see what Indonesian tourists were doing near Yogya. I didn’t care much for Ubud since it felt like an upscale shopping district in the US rather than an Indonesian town. It was easy to see what drew people there in the first place because the area was so beautiful, but I wouldn’t be interested in returning. We did find good food there. The electric bikes in Jatiluwih were a bit difficult for us - maybe we should have walked because it was a beautiful place worth seeing.

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

Swimming in a waterfall near Kanciana, watching the sun rise over the Bali Sea and Lake Batur, cruising in the klotok both evenings on the Sekonyer River with a wonderful dinner, seeing the orangutans, riding around Yogyakarta on a motorbike. Thank you so much!

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