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A truly enjoyable trip to a fascinating country in the centre of the Middle East with unexpected highlights.

Overall, the trip was wonderful and fully enjoyed by all. Jordan lived up to all expectations and the itinerary was fantastic. Your local partners in Jordan worked hard on our behalf, before and during. Hotels were all good and they upgraded us to the Crowne Plaza at the Dead Sea. We did find this hotel very clean, and well situated but it was very busy and obviously a family hotel so a little noisier than we would have wished. Other lodges/hotels were great although the food at Feynan Lodge was disappointing (and two of us are actually vegetarian!). The Jabal Amman was good but unfortunately situated next door to an alcohol nightclub which was very noisy on one night. Otherwise hotel was very good and excellently situated on Rainbow Street and very near the yummy Sufra restaurant!. Dana Lodge was excellent. Movenpick at Petra was well sited and food good but would only rate this 4 star, not 5 - housekeeping left a little to be desired. The Dream Camp at Wadi Rum was truly excellent, perfect. Isolated, small, quiet and brilliant service. That should definitely be 5*. Sites were all amazing. Itinerary was perfect - could not think of anywhere else we would like to have gone. Some of the guides though questionable. We had an excellent guide in Jerash (Sadam) because of his knowledge and excellent English. The guide at Shaumari (Jaffa) was very knowledgeable and fun. Azraq wetlands would have been very disappointing because most of the water has been pumped and therefore there are few birds. On the itinerary this should maybe be explained better. The trip was saved by a quick insight into the bigger area behind what the public sees normally. Very importantly, avid birdwatchers should be made aware that there are other, (more expensive and longer) trips that give access to bigger lakes with more birds, deeper into the reserves. Our trip did not mention this which was a shame. Next time we had a guide, we were definitely not expecting one as the itinerary marked it as unguided. However, we were told, erroneously as it turns out, that it was compulsory to have a guide to do the Dana trail to Feynan, so ended up with additional expense for something we did not want or need. As it turned out he was fairly amusing. Wadi Mujib: For all of us, this was probably a highlight of the trip - adventurous and challenging and stunningly beautiful. However the itinerary gave no clue to the fact that it would be so or that we would be fully submerged underwater for the vast majority of the trip - it just mentioned being able to swim in a few pools. Luckily the organisers insist on life jackets but this was our only clue. We were not informed that wet bags were absolutely essential on the trail and subsequently my husband's camera was completely ruined. Better information necessary here on what to expect. Petra: our guide there (Magadhi) was fantastic and took us to places well off the beaten track. His English was OK but not better than that. We did incur unseen costs with a long mule ride and 4 x4 trip that he arranged - worthwhile but not in the itinerary! We did not take the horse ride as recommended not to by the guide and driver but there is ambiguity on the itinerary as to whether this was pre-paid for or not. Wadi Rum; Stunning drive into the desert but the driver could not speak a word of English and we felt we missed out on a lot of detail. Red Sea: Dive outfit was very good and professional and sadly insisted that my husband could not dive due to the high altitude of Amman that same day and depth of dive (which was already paid for). I had queried this with your local partners beforehand given we were flying out the next day but they said it would be fine. We would like the cost of the dive reimbursed. Driver: We had a fun driver by the name of Mohammed and he was a very good and safe driver. His English was, however, rather restricted, particularly in comprehension, which was a shame as we would have liked to ask so many more questions about the country.

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Please see above detailed feedback and do please share with your Jordanian partners

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As above - more detail about what to expect and any additional expenses (Jordan is eye-wateringly expensive!) We would also question whether we need to be reimbursed for the Petra horse riding but certainly for the scuba dive in the Red Sea. This MUST be explained more fully to prospective divers. The PADI centre stated that to dive deep, one should really stay the night following the dive in Aqaba. This needs to be sorted out for any future similar itinerary and also the detail re Wadi Mujib as you could have lots of unhappy clients with ruined cameras. Finally, if they have birdwatchers, make sure they have an extended tour of Azraq and are not taken by surprise by the Dead Sea hotels refusing to allow them to keep their binoculars, confiscating them til the end of their stay. There seems to be a lot of nervousness in Jordan re binoculars, especially at airport security when it becomes a real issue.

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Petra, Wadi Mujib and Wadi Rum.

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