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Amazing Sri Lankan Adventure

We've been home two weeks now and I am still coming down from the amazing high of our trip. Our trip had everything that we asked for , I keep using the word amazing but I'm struggling to find other words to describe it. Historic sites, climbing Sigiriya rock and seeing 1500 year old frescos, seeing elephants in the wild, swimming in the Indian Ocean and the wonderful Perara festival in Kandy.

Louise, from Harrogate

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What was good about our local partner based in Sri Lanka?

Viraj was brilliant at putting our trip together, I just gave him a list of things that we would like to do which he built in to our trip and also told us about the Perara being on while we were in the country which we hadn't known about. Due to work commitments we had to make changes to our dates a couple of times and each time Viraj re-worked our trip, until we had exactly what we had asked for. The choices of hotels were fabulous , I couldn't fault any of them .

What could our local partner based in Sri Lanka improve on?

Nothing for our trip, I was really impressed

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

The driver we had for our trip was fabulous. He was friendly, and helpful, he and my husband had many cricket conversations on the longer journeys, and he was great at pointing things out along the way and not just driving from A to B. If we saw something we wanted to look at he was happy to pull over, we had stop at the National Railway museum which wasn't on our planned list but we saw it as we were driving and stopped for an hour, and he would also stop at roadside stalls if he saw them selling things he thought we would like to try. We tried our first king coconut like this, it was these little extras that added to the journey as they were over what we knew we were going to do. We could also make adjustments to what we were doing each day, if we decided to do things in a different order. The roads in Sri Lanka are good but at times they can get busy with tuk tuks weaving in and out and buses who think they own the road but even when it was at it's busiest we always felt safe and confident in our driver

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to Sri Lanka?

Visit Sigirya and climb to the top, you will be astounded, I'm afraid of heights but the view from the top is outstanding. Take a safari in one of the national parks, we had been in the park less than 10 minutes and had seen wild deer, monkeys and two different eagles, and all before we saw our first elephant that just crossed the road in front of us. Seeing a herd of elephants walk out of the forest into the grass plain and so close to us was another moment to take your breath away If you can stay at 98 acres in Ella, set in it's own tea plantation, the views are beautiful and it is so peaceful, we saw deer from our balcony , and it's a great place to see birds. The best bit of advice would be to visit Sri Lanka if you can

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

So many great days but the day we visited Sigirya in the morning and climbed to the top, I almost cried at the top not only was i relieved to get up there but that it was so beautiful , and the history amazing. Then in the afternoon we went on an elephant safari, seeing these beautiful animals up close and just watching them working as families. We got back to our hotel that evening sat down to have a drink and I think we were dazed in a " have we really done all this in one day" kind of way.

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