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The gorgeous beaches of Ghana


Tucked underneath the curve of the elephant’s ear of Africa, Ghana has a spectacular stretch of coastline. Extending 560 kilometres (350 miles), it is scattered with beautiful sandy beaches shaded by swaying palm trees and washed by South Atlantic waves. Here, with the help of our local experts, we’ve picked out our top five beaches in Ghana.

Ankobra Beach

Near Ankobra River and Axim, Ankobra Beach is the perfect place to unwind. The golden sand is soft – perfect for sunbathing – with swaying coconut trees providing pleasant shade when needed and a warm sea to bathe in.

Ankoraba Beach in Ghana

There are also plenty of activities to partake in for those worried that beach lounging could become monotonous. Head into the mangrove forest on a tour to spot exotic bird species and pay a visit to the local Ankobra community, climb a nearby “beach mountain” for gorgeous views or try your hand at local crafts such as jewellery making or drumming… All in all you’ll be hard put to find a better beach to chill out at in Ghana.

Beads in Ghana

Labadi Beach

This beach is less a relaxing haven and more of a social hub, but is no less wonderful for it. Located in Ghana’s capital, Accra, it is one of the country’s most popular beaches and is frequented by both locals and travellers who come to enjoy parties around the bonfires in the evening and regular performances from live bands at any time of the day or night.

Drummers on Labadi Beach Ghana

Accra itself is a fascinating  place and it’s well worth spending a couple of days there when you visit Ghana. The old colonial neighbourhoods of Jamestown and Ushertown make for wonderful wanders – climb the Jamestown lighthouse, visit the old fishing harbour and perhaps visit the resting place of Ghana’s first president.

Children on Labadi beach Ghana


Fringing the edge of the Amansuri Conservation Area  – an expanse of swamps, streams, mangrove forests and lagoons thronging with nature – Axim beach is another stretch of palm-fringed paradise. Stay in an eco-lodge and relax by the sea, then set out on an array of adventures. From hiking through the tropical Ankasa Forest Reserve to paying a visit to the Nzulezo stilt village, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Axim Beach Ghana

Cape Coast & Elmina

For a bit of beach relaxation with a dose of history, head to the Cape Coast. Here you will find a beautiful beach situated conveniently near several lovely hotels but also the Cape Coast Castle, a relic of the slave trade that ravaged Ghana for centuries.

Cape Coast Castle Ghana

Built by the Swedes, then held temporarily by the Dutch and the Danish before being developed into the impressive structure that remains today by the British in 1665, it is a stark reminder of the impact of the slave trade. It was one of the largest slave-holding sites in the world and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After exploring the fortress, shake off any solemnity and head back to your hotel and the balmy shores at Elmina beach to relax.

Locals fishing on Elmina beach

Cape Three Points

Cape Three Points is a peninsula in the west of Ghana sometimes known as “the land nearest nowhere” because of its location – as the southernmost point in the country it is the nearest dry land to 0 latitude, longitude and altitude. It is very beautiful in its remoteness.

Walking on Cape Three Points beach Ghana

Two beaches span either side of the peninsula, one boasting a eco-hotel, and they both provide ample space for utter relaxation on the stunning Ghanaian coast. While you are there, set out to find the ruins of the first Cape Three Points lighthouse and climb the larger improved one that still glimmers on the headland today for expansive views.

Cape Three Points old lighthouse

Make it happen

If you would like to explore the wonderful beaches in Ghana (and perhaps even further afield to Togo and Benin!) then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic local partner agency. They can plan your perfect tailor-made holiday and factor in plenty of beach time as well as lots of great experiences in this gorgeous area of West Africa. To speak to someone in the TravelLocal office, please call +44 (0) 117 325 7898.

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