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The best destinations for travellers who prefer ‘average’ temperatures


Let’s face it, scorching temperatures and busy crowds aren’t for everyone. For many travellers, holidays are much more enjoyable when the weather is warm and comfortable, and the streets are less congested.

The temperatures in some countries now feel almost unbearable during the summer months and over-tourism – when too many people travel to a destination at the same time – is becoming increasingly problematic. It’s been a long-held belief that you should visit destinations during peak season to get the full experience and enjoyment, but this isn’t the case.

Making a conscious choice

Over-tourism doesn’t just affect the destination, it also impacts your holiday. We believe the best trips are enjoyed when the temperature is sunny and pleasant and your chosen destination is less busy. As global temperatures rise, many travellers are looking for ‘shoulder season’ destinations.

You don’t have to compromise on sunshine and warm weather during off-peak travel: we’re bringing you some of the best destinations to visit for those who prefer ‘average’ temperatures and places that are a little more off the beaten track. We started by identifying the 30 most popular countries to travel to in 2024, then worked with our local experts to find some of the best, lesser-known destinations within each of these, where ‘shoulder season’ temperatures (in other words, temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius) can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Destinations with 10+ months of ‘average’ temperatures throughout the year

Medellín, Colombia

With temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius all year round, Colombia‘s Medellín has adopted the nickname ‘The City of Eternal Spring’. Its warm and comfortable climate makes it perfect to explore throughout the year, though you should expect a fair amount of rain as in any tropical country.

Medellín is in the Aburrá Valley, surrounded by stunning views of the Andes Mountains. The city has seen a huge transformation over the past 20-30 years; back in the 80s and 90s it wasn’t deemed a safe place to visit, however the city is now known for its fantastic culture, friendly people, and delicious food and coffee.

Medellín, Colombia

Our top three things to do in (and around) Medellín

  • Visit the Museo de Antioquia: this museum has a huge exhibit dedicated to Medellín’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero, making it a must-see for all art-lovers
  • Enjoy a tour of the Comuna 13: once known to be one of the most dangerous areas in the city, Comuna 13 is now often seen as a symbol of Medellín’s social transformation and a place to enjoy vibrant graffiti, street food and street performers
  • Take a day trip to the town of Guatapé: known for its colourful, picturesque streets and incredible scenery, Guatapé offers plenty to see and do – take a boat trip from Medellín and spend a night in this vibrant city

Our favourite time to visit: December to March

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo is Peru’s third-largest city, and with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year and very little rain, you can enjoy year-round sunshine there.

Trujillo is perfectly located near the coast, with beautiful beaches within easy access – perfect for those looking for some relaxation time. Trujillo also boasts remarkable archaeological sites and captivating architecture.

Trujillo, Peru

Our top three things to do in Trujillo

  • Visit the UNESCO Chan Chan Zone – the remains of the largest city of the pre-Colombian era in South America
  • Take a trip to Huanchaco: a popular Peruvian beach town, Huanchaco is known for being a surfing hotspot and serves some of the most delicious seafood in Peru
  • Admire the spectacular churches: Trujillo is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the country, particularly the Cathedral Basilica of Santa María which took 19 years to construct

Our favourite time to visit: February to June

George, South Africa

With temperatures dancing between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year, as well as very low rainfall levels, the city of George in South Africa is a great destination for those seeking to explore in warm yet comfortable climes.

Located east of Cape Town at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains, and surrounded by an alpine forest, George is the place to be if you want to embrace nature and soak up the views. The city is conveniently located on the Garden Route – the 124-mile stretch of coastline between Mossel Bay and the Storms River – making it a great base for exploring the area.

George, South Africa

Our top three things to do in George

  • Visit the Garden Route Botanical Gardens: situated on the outskirts of town, these gardens are a must-visit for all nature-lovers
  • Spend a day at the beach: a number of picturesque beaches dot the coast near George, and each one is well worth a visit; Victoria Bay is a popular surf spot, whilst Herolds Bay is great for a family day out
  • Take a hike: whether you prefer an easy stroll or the chance to conquer epic trails, the Outeniqua Nature Reserve has it all and is an absolute must for those visiting George; expect beautiful pathways and breathtaking mountain views all around

Our favourite time to visit: September to November or March to May

The Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti in Tanzania is an incredibly vast plain and probably the most well-known in Africa. What you may not know is that the weather in the Serengeti sits at a comfortable mid-to-late 20 degrees Celsius most of the year, making it ideal for those looking to embrace the true wonders of Africa.

Prepare yourself to feel in a constant state of amazement, as this World Heritage Site is home to an incredible amount of wildlife, including lions, leopards and wildebeest. The Serengeti is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Our top three things to do in the Serengeti

  • Embark on a classic jeep safari: it goes without saying that a safari is an absolute must-do whilst in the Serengeti, and we’d recommend doing both a day and night drive, to spot a large variety of wildlife
  • Enjoy a bird’s-eye view from a hot air balloon: this is the ultimate way to experience the beauty and vastness of the national park, as you float above the trees and watch the sun rise on the Serengeti
  • Spend at least one night in a tented camp: there is nothing so uniquely African as spending the night in a tented camp, giving you an opportunity to hear, smell and feel the wilderness – if you’re lucky, the animals might wander straight into camp and up to your tent

Our favourite time to visit: January to March

Mexico City, Mexico

Boasting ideal ‘shoulder’ temperatures throughout the year, Mexico‘s capital makes for a fantastic city break filled with vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife, and delicious street food.

It may not be on every city break fanatic’s radar – though we think it absolutely should be – but this capital city offers endless experiences like no other. With a never-ending number of neighbourhoods to explore, you’ll want to spend more than just a weekend in the city.

Mexico City, Mexico

Our top three things to in Mexico City

  • Visit world-famous museums: Mexico City is bursting with museums, from the famous Frida Kahlo Museum where the artist spent her entire life, to the National Museum of Anthropology, housing some of the country’s most important archaeological collections
  • Spend a day in Colonia Juárez: in one of the city’s coolest neighbourhoods, you could easily spend a day browsing the boutiques, strolling through the park, and tasting your way across great bars and restaurants
  • Take a trip to the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco: just out of the city centre is this impressive World Heritage Site, where you can take a ride on colourful canal boats (trajineras) and soak up the sights

Our favourite time to visit: April to early June or September and October

The top 30 average temperature destinations

The top 30 average temperature destinations


We used TravelLocal booking data* from the past 12-month period (September 2022 – September 2023) to find a list of the top 30 most popular destinations based on the number of bookings. Using desk research and expert knowledge, we then found a list of three lesser-known destinations within each country that are great to visit but not as touristy as more popular locations.

Desk research** was conducted into each destination to find the following data: average temperature across the year, number of months with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (‘shoulder’ temperature), and number of months with below 10 days’ rainfall.

We created the top destinations list for those that love average temperatures based on the destinations with the highest number of months with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. The other data factors were then used to back up our findings and to add additional context.

*We took out countries with cold temperatures (most under 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year) and those with tropical temperatures (mostly higher than 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year) as these countries did not fit the brief. We also took out any destinations or countries with controversial activity taking place. 

**We primarily used Holiday Weather as a source to find the weather data. However, for any instances when we weren’t able to find the data using this source, we used Weather Spark or Weather & Climate to source this information. In some instances, for smaller destinations, we weren’t able to find weather data for the exact location – in this case the data is based on the nearest town or city.

More destinations with year-round shoulder season temperatures

  1. Nanyuki, Kenya
  2. Salta, Argentina
  3. San Cristóbal, Mexico
  4. Alexandria, Egypt
  5. Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. Bhaktapur, Nepal
  7. Lima, Peru
  8. Sucre, Bolivia

The full data set is available on request.

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