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We had the most amazing time and on the whole, TL were brilliant. Lots of variety, good choice of hotels, local know how and incredible scenery. The ATV tour near Vik was unbelievable and Fly over Iceland something we would like to do again and again. We were able to stop in lots of places not on the itinerary - some stables, a glacier and a volcano. It was the most incredible geography lesson for our two boys. Couple of points: the snowmobile tour in Gulfloss was a bit of a disaster - 4 hour trip for 45 minutes of rushed snowmobiling. The rest of the time we had to wait for other people. I would not recommend that. The second issue is more a TL issue. When we were planning our last day, the TL agent suggested an ice cave tour under Katla and said it would be an hour. We were hesitant as we knew we had lots of pack in that day but we agreed on the basis it was an hour. Then when we opened the tickets on the night before the tour, we saw that the tour was for three hours. We just didn’t have time to do that and get back to the Blue Lagoon and see the sights we wanted to see on the way back (black beaches etc). That made me pretty cross as we felt we had been mis sold a tour and it was expensive. We then didn’t receive a refund at all. We strongly feel that this was the fault of the local agent who gave us incorrect information. Other than those two issues, it was great.

Emily, from Wales

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What was good about our local partner in Iceland?

Very good value for money, great itinerary, very responsive.

What could our local partner in Iceland improve on?

Guidance on tour times…. For the northen lights tour, if travelling with children and if the budget allows, suggest a private tour. It was very cold and having been up since 4 am, getting back at midnight was a bit too much for our boys.

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

One of the guides on the Gulfoss snow bike tour was so unpleasant. Made me rushed when I had a child on the back. It made the tour pretty miserable for me. The guide on the ATV tour was absolutely wonderful.

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to Iceland?

No need to spend a fortune on hotels. We hardly spend time in them. They were all clean and food was good. Make sure you have time during each day to stop where you want to. You can do so much on your own that actually, you don’t need to do many tours.

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

ATV of the black beach, seeing the glacier and the volcano, rock formations on the black beach, fly over Iceland.

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