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  • Jan 14, 2019
Where to go on safari in 2019

Article by Martha Hales

Close encounters with the world's wildlife are experiences to be treasured. We've picked out our favourite safari destinations from all over the world to tantalise our fellow wildlife lovers. From traditional Kenyan game drives to spotting leopards in the Sri Lankan tree tops, find out where you should be going this year.

  • BrazilTanzaniaKenya, +7
  • AdventureSafariWildlife
  • Jan 11, 2019
The beaches and islands of Brazil

Article by Kaya Brown

Consistently topping many of the ‘world’s best beaches’ lists, there are few countries more renowned for their coastline than Brazil. But, with so much choice on offer, it can be hard to decide which destinations to visit. With the help of our local experts, we’ve collated a few of our favourite Brazilian beaches and islands...

  • Brazil
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +2
  • CoastAdventureBoat Journeys
  • Jan 9, 2019
Our top 10 things to do in and around Cape Town

Article by Samantha Fergusson

We've rounded up our list of the best things to do in Cape Town and the surrounding areas, including the epic Table Mountain hike, the relaxing Cape Winelands and the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.

  • South Africa
  • HighlightsWalking & HikingUndiscovered Beaches, +5
Trip of a lifetime that more than lived up to expectations

– Charles from England

Travelled to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica
  • December
  • Jan 7, 2019
A guide to India's best national parks

Article by Tom Stapleton

India has 102 national parks, covering around five percent of its territory. Elephants, tigers, monkeys, rhino, antelopes, and leopards can all be seen, though not necessarily all in the same park. Here we present some of our favourites and what you can expect to see in them...

  • India
  • WildlifeSafari
  • Jan 4, 2019
Our best beach destinations

Article by Kaya Brown

There are few things more relaxing than a trip to a tropical coastline. We’ve rounded up five of the best beaches in the world, from the balmy seas of Costa Rica to the secluded coves of Southern India, for all those looking to escape to warmer climates.

  • ColombiaCosta RicaIndia, +2
  • Boat JourneysCoastHoneymoon, +2
Very nice trip to Costa Rica: Central Valley & Caribbean coast

– Michael from Netherlands

Travelled to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica
  • December
Fantastic trip, knowledgeable friendly guides

– Jacqueline from United Kingdom

Travelled to India

  • India
  • December
  • Jan 2, 2019
Where to go in 2019... and why!

Article by Samantha Fergusson

Here at TravelLocal HQ, we are dreaming of the wonders that the world holds in store for 2019. And we aren’t simply thinking of destinations we’ve not been to before, but also the unique events happening there that make them an even more exciting prospect! Discover which countries are hosting exciting festivals, featuring wonderful seasonal events or simply celebrating an anniversary, from Armenia to Tanzania...

  • RussiaJapanUzbekistan, +8
  • Off the Beaten PathGreat JourneysTrain Journeys, +8
  • Dec 31, 2018
The best places to spend New Year's Eve

Article by Martha Hales

New Year is celebrated all over the world in all sorts of ways. The Spaniards eat 12 grapes, the Danish smash plates, but what about the more spectacular festivities? We've picked out our favourite destinations from all over the world where the New Year celebrations will blow you away...

  • RussiaBrazilChina, +2
  • December
  • Festivals
Excellent trip

– Caroline from UK

Travelled to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica
  • November
Great trip

– John from Newcastle UK

Travelled to Vietnam

  • Vietnam
  • November
  • Dec 28, 2018
Brazil’s historical highlights

Article by Martha Hales

Immerse yourself in Brazil's fascinating past as you visit its historical highlights. From the colourful streets of UNESCO listed Olinda, to the significant port town of Belem, each has its own tale.

  • Brazil
  • Colonial EraCulturalHighlights, +2
  • Dec 27, 2018
Get to know Rio de Janeiro

Article by Martha Hales

Vibrant beaches, delicious streetfood and the world's best parties can all be found in Rio de Janeiro. We've rounded up our top suggestions of what to do in the 'Marvellous City', from what to eat to which sights to visit.

  • Brazil
  • CoastCyclingFood & Drink, +5
  • Dec 24, 2018
Our top 5 beautiful winter landscapes

Article by Samantha Fergusson

From the soaring Tien Shan mountains to Russia's sparkling cities and the northern lights above Iceland, there are a whole realm of beautiful wintry landscapes waiting to be witnessed. Here, we've picked out our five favourites to tantalise you with promises of snow and stunning views.

  • ChinaRussiaGeorgia, +2
  • JanuaryFebruaryNovember, +1
  • AdventureWonders of the World
  • Dec 21, 2018
Countries with a Coastline

Article by Kaya Brown

From the peaceful shores of Madagascar to the epic waves of Sri Lanka, we've rounded up our top 5 coastal destinations to inspire your next beach holiday.

  • MadagascarPanamaPhilippines, +2
  • CoastBoat JourneysHoneymoon, +4
  • Dec 19, 2018
Where to go skiing in Kyrgyzstan

Article by Martha Hales

For powder hounds, freeriders and backcountry skiers there are few places left where you can experience a ride that hasn’t already been conquered many times over. The Tien Shan mountains are one of the last remaining regions where every suitable peak, slope and valley has not yet been developed for winter sports. So if you are seeking to ski virgin territory, Kyrgyzstan can deliver. Perfect for everyone whether they are beginners or experts, make Kyrgyzstan your next ski destination.

  • Kyrgyzstan
  • NovemberDecemberJanuary, +2
  • AdventureOff the Beaten Path
  • 25 days
  • from £6,410pp
Ultimate Southeast Asia
Trip idea in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

  • CambodiaLaosVietnam
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +5
  • Boat JourneysAdventureCultural, +6
  • Dec 18, 2018
Birdwatching in Senegal

Article by Martha Hales

Senegal has an easygoing charm which creates the perfect backdrop for a leisurely birding holiday among its myriad avian habitats. The combination of coasts, rivers and semi-arid regions along with the tropical temperatures and the more verdant areas in the south make it an appealing home for a fabulous variety of avifauna.

  • Senegal
  • WildlifeOff the Beaten Path
  • 11 days
  • from £2,110pp
Classic Rajasthan
Trip idea in India

  • India
  • NovemberDecemberFebruary, +1
  • ClassicCulturalHistory, +2
Well rounded trip, amazing guide!

– Sara from United Kingdom

Travelled to Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka
  • December
  • 9 days
  • from £5,290pp
Kenya: Ultimate Safari
Trip idea in Kenya

  • Kenya
  • AprilMayJune, +1
  • Walking & HikingWildlifeSafari, +2
  • Dec 14, 2018
Wildlife of Colombia

Article by Kati Taylor

Vast grasslands, dense jungle and tropical coastlines combine in Colombia - the most biodiverse country in the world by square miles. It is home to over 450 species of mammal and an unbelievable 1,850 birds, all of whom are split across its various ecosystems. Despite this incredible diversity, Colombia’s 58 protected areas remain relatively untouched by tourism. Find out more about this incredible country's spectacular wildlife.

  • Colombia
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +6
  • WildlifeSafari
Amazing trip!

– Alison from Kent

Travelled to India

  • India
  • November
  • 8 days
  • from £1,120pp
Highlights of Costa Rica
Trip idea in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +5
  • HighlightsWildlifeBoat Journeys, +1
  • Dec 11, 2018
Colombia's national parks

Article by Kaya Brown

Colombia's National Parks are plentiful, varied and brimming with wildlife. We've collated the very best that the country has to offer, from the pristine beaches of Tayrona to the rocky peaks of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in the Andes Mountains.

  • Colombia
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +3
  • Off the Beaten PathUndiscovered BeachesWalking & Hiking, +2
  • Dec 10, 2018
Ciudad Perdida: Hiking to Colombia's Lost City

Article by Samantha Fergusson

Colombia's Lost City is the "new" Machu Picchu - a fascinating ruined city of terraces and steps hidden deep in the Colombian jungle and dating to 600 years before its Peruvian counterpart was even thought of. The only way of reaching this stunning spot is on a four day hike forging rivers, sleeping in hammocks and scrambling up vine-clad mountain slopes. An adventurer's heaven...

  • Colombia
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +1
  • CulturalHistoryAdventure, +1
Perfect in every way.

– john from Bedford, UK.

Travelled to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica
  • November
  • Dec 6, 2018
Why you should travel to Colombia

Article by Larissa Obolensky

Over the years, Colombia has shaken off its tumultuous past and its kaleidoscopic character has come to life. With colonial archaeology galore, idyllic beaches, a fascinating culture and lost cities hidden deep in the jungle there is a huge amount to discover here. With the help of our local experts, we've picked out some highlights to help inspire you in planning your trip.

  • Colombia
  • JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +4
  • ClassicCoastCultural, +7
  • Dec 5, 2018
Wildlife of Brazil

Article by Martha Hales

As the world's most biodiverse country, Brazil is abundant with thriving wildlife. We've rounded up our top three locations in the South American nation to see a wide variety of species, including the birds of the Amazon rainforest, the jaguars of the Pantanal and the country's dizzying array of flora.

  • Brazil
  • AprilMayJune, +4
  • Off the Beaten PathSafariWildlife, +1