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Mar 13, 2020

Our fantastic female-led local partners

Kaya Brown

At TravelLocal we’re proud to support many fantastic female-led local travel companies around the world. In honour of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we thought we’d introduce you to a few of these inspirational women.

BrazilVietnamMyanmar (Burma), +7
Unique to TravelLocal
Nov 8, 2019

Ultimate holiday destinations

Martha Hales

We have some inspiration for a selection of the best ‘trip of a lifetime’ destinations to help you narrow down your options. Our handpicked local partners are based in their destination, and if anyone can arrange that special bucket-list trip, they can.

LaosPeruIndia, +13
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
AdventureWildlifeCultural, +3
Oct 26, 2019

Where to go for winter sun

Martha Hales

If you are looking for a winter sun destination, be inspired by the following countries offering a great climate, as well as plenty of great activities to make your holiday extra special. All you need to do is decide where to go!

SenegalVietnamArgentina, +9
SeptemberOctoberNovember, +3
CulturalSafariCoast, +1
Sep 4, 2019

Our historical hotlist

Martha Hales

From Beijing's Forbidden City to the ancient mosques and minarets of Samarkand, we've gathered together our top 10 historical places to visit around the world.

CambodiaRussiaGuatemala, +8
Apr 24, 2019

Where to see the world's most endangered species

Martha Hales

The Earth and its animals are precious and some of the most endangered species are teetering of the edge of extinction - only we can help. Here we've looked at the reasons for why so many species' populations are in decline, and where you can ethically go to see these incredible animals in the wild.

LaosMozambiqueMyanmar (Burma), +22
SafariOff the Beaten PathWildlife
Jan 4, 2019

Our best beach destinations

Kaya Brown

There are few things more relaxing than a trip to a tropical coastline. We’ve rounded up five of the best beaches in the world, from the balmy seas of Costa Rica to the secluded coves of Southern India, for all those looking to escape to warmer climates.

Costa RicaTanzaniaIndia, +2
Boat JourneysLuxuryUndiscovered Beaches, +2
Oct 3, 2018

The best temples in Cambodia

Martha Hales

Put yourself in the shoes of the first people to stumble upon the forgotten temples hidden deep in the Cambodian forests all those centuries ago. A feeling of amazement at the discovery still persists today for visitors to the temples in and around the famous site of Angkor. Discover the best temples recommended by us and our local experts...

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +8
CulturalClassicHistory, +1
Sep 6, 2018

Perfect winter getaways: from golden sands to frozen wonderlands

Martha Hales

If you are looking for somewhere to escape to for sun soaked sands, or a place where you can feel the magic of winter in earnest, then look no further. We've selected our favourite destinations that are perfect for winter breaks from November through to February.

CambodiaArgentinaPhilippines, +5
JanuaryFebruaryNovember, +1
Train JourneysCulturalCoast, +2
Jul 19, 2018

Our top 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Martha Hales

There are over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found all over the globe. It is therefore rather difficult to decide which ones to prioritise visiting - whether that's the ever popular Taj Mahal or the lesser-known segments of the Great Wall of China. We've picked out some of our favourite UNESCO recognised sites to help narrow your search.

ArgentinaBrazilJapan, +15
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HighlightsHistoryClassic, +1
Nov 23, 2017

November News from TravelLocal HQ

Huw Owen

Huw and Tom, TravelLocal's founders and MDs, give an update on what we have been up to in November, including awards for Ecuador at The Savoy and the launch of Japan.

JapanOmanCambodia, +8
CoastWildlifeUnique to TravelLocal, +1
Sep 20, 2017

Get to know Phnom Penh

Martha Hales

Discover the bustling markets with their cacophony of sounds and smells, then the tranquil Buddhist temples surrounded by lush gardens. Cambodia's capital is well worth exploring.

Aug 18, 2017

August Update from our Founders

Huw Owen

Catch up with the latest news from TravelLocal HQ and find out which musical destinations are on our travel list...

CambodiaUgandaSouth Africa, +1
Jul 19, 2017

Our top trips to do by bike

Corinne Homer

Check out our shortlist of the ultimate cycling trips around the world, suitable for all ages and abilities. From exploring rural Chinese villages to meandering through the Angkor Temple complex, these trails are simply unmissable…

CambodiaColombiaChina, +5
AdventureCyclingWalking & Hiking
Jul 12, 2017

Highlights of the Mekong River

Martha Hales

Stretching over 4000km, the Mekong is a diverse and sprawling river which has become an iconic feature of Southeast Asia. It also makes an ideal starting point for building your dream travel itinerary, read on for our top tips...

Great JourneysCoast
Mar 27, 2017

Why choose a local travel company over a big brand tour operator?

Jodie Hoff

Buying local is good for everyone - better value for the customer and a fairer deal for the people on the ground. Read on to find out more about the benefits of choosing a local operator…

Mar 6, 2017

Loveliest Lakes

Martha Hales

Check out our guide to the most scenic and charming lakes around the world

EthiopiaMyanmar (Burma)Cambodia, +4
Off the Beaten Path
Jan 20, 2017

Top Travel Blogs: TravelDudes

Timothy Vivian-Shaw

TravelLocal loves the travel blogging community and the advice it offers. Read on to see our interview with Melvin, founder of TravelDudes…

Jan 11, 2017

More for your Money

Kati Taylor

It can be easy to overspend when travelling but there are plenty of ways to save money and still have an incredible experience! Read on for our top tips…

Sri LankaArgentinaUzbekistan, +4
Food & DrinkUnique to TravelLocal
Dec 19, 2016

Top Travel Blogs: Cats and Backpacks and Hoff to Explore

Kati Taylor

TravelLocal loves the travel blogging community and is always excited to see new and diverse content. Read on to see our interviews with Seb and Hattie Jefferies and Jodie Bickhoff: our December favourites!

CambodiaChinaMorocco, +2
Food & Drink
Jul 4, 2016

Dodging the tourists in Cambodia and China

Huw Owen

Some of the best sights to be seen when travelling are renowned for being overrun with tourists, but there are ways to avoid this...

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Wonders of the WorldCultural
Jul 4, 2016

Top Tips for Trips to Angkor

Huw Owen

Angkor is covered in incredible temples, but it can be hard to dodge the other tourists. Here are our top tips on how to make the most of your time in this magical area, from lesser-known temples, to how long to spend there.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Wonders of the WorldClassic
Jul 4, 2016

Roluos: Angkor Without The Crowds

Huw Owen

The Temples of Angkor tend to hog the limelight, but there are hundreds of temples in Cambodia's Siem Reap region. Discover why Roluos could be for you.

Off the Beaten PathHistory
Jul 4, 2016

One Day In Phnom Penh...

Huw Owen

Putting together a day in a city that you have never visited before is difficult to say the least. Here is our recommended plan for the perfect day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Colonial EraCultural
Jul 4, 2016

Kratie - Away From The Crowds In Cambodia

Huw Owen

Get away from the crowds and head to the quieter waters of Kratie. It is small and peaceful, and the home of the shy Kratie dolphin. Read on to discover more.

WildlifeOff the Beaten Path
Jul 4, 2016

Cambodia's "Green Season"

Huw Owen

Are you wondering when to travel to Cambodia? Read on to discover how to dodge the crowds by travelling during Cambodia's lush "Green Season".

CulturalOff the Beaten PathWonders of the World
Jul 4, 2016

Cambodia's "Waterworld"

Huw Owen

Cambodia's Tonlé Sap is both a lake and a river system with an unusual feature - its flow reverses twice a year. The so called 'floating villages' are well worth a visit, and are not too far from Siem Reap

Boat JourneysOff the Beaten PathCultural
Jun 14, 2016

An Alternative New Year

Huw Owen

For those of you that have the January blues, here is TravelLocal's selection of the best New Year celebrations to come in 2018.

CambodiaChinaIndia, +1
Jun 14, 2016

One Perfect Day In Phnom Penh

Huw Owen

Where to begin in this chaotic, bustling city? TravelLocal's Huw offers his top tips for the perfect day in Phnom Penh.

CulturalFood & Drink
Jun 14, 2016

The Road Less Travelled - Kratie, Cambodia

Huw Owen

If you want to get off the beaten track, then Kratie should cater to your needs. Tranquil villages, pretty colonial buildings and a rare, shy breed of dolphin...

Off the Beaten Path
Jun 14, 2016

Cambodia's Incredible, Tumultuous Water Festival

Huw Owen

The chaotic clash of colours, the bustling food markets and the cries of the boat race crowds make Cambodia's Water Festival an incredibly exciting place to be.