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Aug 8, 2019

Best active holiday destinations

Martha Hales

We've gathered together our top destinations around the world for active holidays. From hiking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to skiing in Kyrgyzstan, there's a trip to suit all adventure lovers and thrill-seekers!

South AfricaPanamaMorocco, +32
Walking & HikingCyclingBoat Journeys, +2
Apr 24, 2019

Where to see the world's most endangered species

Martha Hales

The Earth and its animals are precious and some of the most endangered species are teetering of the edge of extinction - only we can help. Here we've looked at the reasons for why so many species' populations are in decline, and where you can ethically go to see these incredible animals in the wild.

LaosSouth AfricaMozambique, +22
SafariWildlifeOff the Beaten Path
Dec 21, 2018

Countries with a Coastline

Kaya Brown

From the peaceful shores of Madagascar to the epic waves of Sri Lanka, we've rounded up our top 5 coastal destinations to inspire your next beach holiday.

PanamaMadagascarPhilippines, +2
WildlifeHoneymoonBoat Journeys, +4
Nov 20, 2018

Our top 10 snorkelling destinations

Martha Hales

Trying to decide where to go on holiday with the best snorkelling? We've gathered together 10 of the best snorkelling (and diving) destinations, from the sparkling waters of Raja Ampat in Indonesia to the Great Blue Hole and epic coral reefs of Belize.

MadagascarMozambiqueBrazil, +6
AdventureCoastUndiscovered Beaches, +1
Nov 12, 2018

Where to go hiking

Samantha Fergusson

We've picked out the best destinations for your next hiking holiday, from Japan where you can follow the ancient Nakasendo Trail, to Kyrgyzstan or Namibia, where the breathtaking landscapes are best discovered on foot...

JapanEthiopiaChina, +7
Walking & HikingOff the Beaten PathAdventure
Sep 18, 2018

What to do in the Philippines

Martha Hales

There are so many islands in the Philippines that if you visited a different one every day it would take you almost 20 years to see them all. Not all of us have this much time... so we've picked a few of our favourite things to do when visiting the Philippines.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +4
HistoryCoastHighlights, +3
Sep 10, 2018

The best beaches in the Philippines

Martha Hales

With lush vegetation, white sand beaches and azure waters, the Philippines is a wonderful destination for those who love the coast. Here, there is ample opportunity for kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving... the list goes on. Discover our favourite beaches in the Philippines.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +4
HoneymoonAdventureCoast, +1
Sep 6, 2018

Perfect winter getaways: from golden sands to frozen wonderlands

Martha Hales

If you are looking for somewhere to escape to for sun soaked sands, or a place where you can feel the magic of winter in earnest, then look no further. We've selected our favourite destinations that are perfect for winter breaks from November through to February.

CambodiaArgentinaPhilippines, +5
JanuaryFebruaryNovember, +1
CoastUndiscovered BeachesFamily, +2
Aug 31, 2018

The food of the Philippines

Martha Hales

The food of the Philippines is wonderful and varied. Here, we explore the most well-known Filipino dishes, from rice and marinated seafood, meat or vegetables, to a rainbow desert of fruit and evaporated milk...

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Food & Drink
Oct 30, 2017

Halloween around the World: Culture and Customs

Martha Hales

With Halloween on the horizon, we wanted to explore how this unique holiday is celebrated and perceived around the world. Read on to find out more...

May 10, 2017

Top 5 Hidden Gems

Martha Hales

If you want the holiday of a lifetime (and don't want to share the sites with hordes of tourists) these five destinations should be on your travel list!

ColombiaPanamaMozambique, +1
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Undiscovered BeachesCoastOff the Beaten Path, +1
Feb 13, 2017

In The Spotlight: Justin Marozzi

Kati Taylor

In this month’s spotlight, we chatted to historical travel writer Justin Marozzi about his latest book and the experiences that have shaped his work...

Myanmar (Burma)PhilippinesUzbekistan
Jan 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day: Romantic Getaway Inspiration

Martha Hales

Need some inspiration for a Valentine's Day to remember? Check out our unconventional favourites...

ArgentinaChinaIndia, +4
Undiscovered BeachesAdventureFood & Drink, +1