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Great trip very well organized

"We are delighted by our trip to the Falkland Islands"

Carole from France
Falkland Islands
Mar 13, 2020

Our fantastic female-led local partners

Kaya Brown

At TravelLocal we’re proud to support many fantastic female-led local travel companies around the world. In honour of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we thought we’d introduce you to a few of these inspirational women.

BrazilFalkland IslandsUzbekistan, +7
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Multiple stays and connections in the Falkland Islands went like clockwork

"Easily managed from day one"

Ian from Powys, Wales
Falkland Islands
Jun 26, 2019

Where to see wildlife responsibly

Martha Hales

Wildlife watching is often the highlight of exploring a destination. Knowing how to responsibly see magnificent creatures like tigers and elephants within a country is crucial in ensuring that they will still be there for future generations. Read on to find out where and how to do so...

UgandaTanzaniaGalapagos Islands, +8
Jun 19, 2019

The best things to do in the Falklands

Martha Hales

The Falkland Islands possess a stark beauty and much of their appeal lies in their wilderness regions where you can easily feel like the first person ever to set foot on your patch. Birds and the bountiful wildlife are a major attraction here, but by no means are they the only reason to visit...

Falkland Islands
Walking & HikingHistoryCoast, +1
Sep 10, 2018

Our top birding destinations

Corinne Homer

From the musical depths of Brazil's Pantanal, to the wild shores of the Falkland Islands and the unique habitat of the Galapagos, here are our favourite destinations with birds to be ticked from your bucket list! Discover where to spot everything from Gentoo penguins to blue-footed boobies...

BrazilGalapagos IslandsSouth Africa, +5
JanuaryFebruaryApril, +9
Off the Beaten PathSafariWildlife
Aug 29, 2018

Where to walk in the Falklands

Martha Hales

Possessed of a windswept beauty that calls to mind the Scottish Isles, the Falklands archipelago is a true ‘back to nature’ destination, cast adrift in the Southern Ocean around 600 kilometres east of southern Patagonia. The clean air, wide skies and abundant wildlife are the major draws, and naturalists will rejoice at the many opportunities to escape human influence and find a little piece of untouched wilderness for themselves.

Falkland Islands
OctoberNovemberDecember, +4
CoastWalking & HikingAdventure, +2
8 days
from £3,180 pp

Falklands Fishing

Falkland Islands
SeptemberOctoberNovember, +5
AdventureOff the Beaten PathWildlife, +3
15 days
from £3,670 pp

Falklands Experience

Falkland Islands
WildlifeOff the Beaten PathCoast, +2
8 days
from £2,300 pp

Battle Tour of the Falklands

Falkland Islands
HistoryCulturalCoast, +1
8 days
from £1,930 pp

Wildlife Tour of Saunders, Carcass & West Point Islands

Falkland Islands
Undiscovered BeachesOff the Beaten PathWildlife, +2
8 days
from £2,230 pp

Falklands Flavour

Falkland Islands
WildlifeUndiscovered BeachesOff the Beaten Path, +2
8 days
from £2,240 pp

Wildlife Tour of Pebble & Sea Lion Islands

Falkland Islands
WildlifeOff the Beaten PathCoast, +2
8 days
from £1,900 pp

Falkland Islands Compass Tour

Falkland Islands
Off the Beaten PathHighlightsWildlife, +2