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Mar 13, 2020

Our fantastic female-led local partners

Kaya Brown

At TravelLocal we’re proud to support many fantastic female-led local travel companies around the world. In honour of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we thought we’d introduce you to a few of these inspirational women.

PeruCambodiaMyanmar (Burma), +7
Unique to TravelLocal
Sep 4, 2019

Our historical hotlist

Martha Hales

From Beijing's Forbidden City to the ancient mosques and minarets of Samarkand, we've gathered together our top 10 historical places to visit around the world.

GuatemalaArmeniaBelize, +8
Mar 8, 2019

Celebrated women of the world

Corinne Homer

Learn about the celebrated women of the world on International Women's Day! From tyrannical queens to brave revolutionaries, each one fought against the traditions and gender biases of their time to become legendary figures in their own right.

KazakhstanColombiaGhana, +4
Wonders of the WorldColonial EraHistory, +1
Jan 2, 2019

Where to go in 2019... and why!

Samantha Fergusson

Here at TravelLocal HQ, we are dreaming of the wonders that the world holds in store for 2019. And we aren’t simply thinking of destinations we’ve not been to before, but also the unique events happening there that make them an even more exciting prospect! Discover which countries are hosting exciting festivals, featuring wonderful seasonal events or simply celebrating an anniversary, from Armenia to Tanzania...

RussiaChileLaos, +8
Walking & HikingCoastFestivals, +8
Aug 15, 2018

Travelling in Central Asia

Kati Taylor

Central Asia is in many ways the land that time forgot. Remnants of the Silk Road demand exploration, caravans of nomadic people still wind their way across the empty landscape, the blue domes of ancient cities could have been lifted from the times of Marco Polo, and as you lay your head down in a traditional yurt by the shores of a tranquil lake, you will wonder if you truly have gone back in time.

KazakhstanUzbekistanTajikistan, +1
MarchAprilMay, +5
Food & DrinkHistoryOff the Beaten Path, +4
Aug 8, 2018

Trip tips for travelling the Silk Route

Huw Owen

Travelling along the Silk Route can seem a daunting prospect. Here, TravelLocal co-founder Huw has put together some top tips that will help you get started. From book recommendations to which markets to not miss, read on to see what he has to say as a Silk Road traveller himself...

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HistoryWalking & HikingOff the Beaten Path, +2
Jul 19, 2018

Our top 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Martha Hales

There are over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found all over the globe. It is therefore rather difficult to decide which ones to prioritise visiting - whether that's the ever popular Taj Mahal or the lesser-known segments of the Great Wall of China. We've picked out some of our favourite UNESCO recognised sites to help narrow your search.

IndiaKazakhstanEcuador, +15
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HighlightsHistoryWonders of the World, +1
Mar 1, 2018

A Brief History of the Silk Route

Martha Hales

Learn about the silk route, from its origins in an Empress's cup of tea to it's fruition throughout Asia and much of the eastern countries of Europe. Great characters such as Marco Polo and Tamerlane had roles to play, and you can follow in their footsteps...

UzbekistanIndiaChina, +2
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HistoryCulturalWonders of the World
May 30, 2017

May Update from our Founders

Huw Owen

Are there any places in the world that you would love to share with friends? Read on to find out how you can make your dream group tour into reality and to get the latest updates from TravelLocal HQ...

Unique to TravelLocal
Apr 12, 2017

Get to know Tashkent

Martha Hales

Uzbekistan has a rich and varied cultural history. Tashkent, the nation’s capital, has a wealth of buildings, foods and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination to see that variety…

SeptemberOctoberApril, +1
Food & DrinkCultural
Mar 31, 2017

Spotlight on Uzbekistan: Culture

Timothy Vivian-Shaw

A trip to this delight of Central Asia is sure to beguile you. Here is our guide to some of the highlights of Uzbekistan’s culture...

AprilMaySeptember, +1
FestivalsAdventureOff the Beaten Path
Mar 20, 2017

In The Spotlight: Caroline Eden

Kati Taylor

We caught up with Caroline Eden, author of Samarkand, to discuss her favourite foodie and travel experiences…

Food & Drink
Feb 20, 2017

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo

Martha Hales

Follow in the footsteps of one of history’s greatest adventurers - who traversed Europe and Central Asia in order to reach China - and get to know the mysteries of the Silk Road...

ArmeniaKyrgyzstanChina, +2
Off the Beaten PathHistoryGreat Journeys
Feb 13, 2017

In The Spotlight: Justin Marozzi

Kati Taylor

In this month’s spotlight, we chatted to historical travel writer Justin Marozzi about his latest book and the experiences that have shaped his work...

PhilippinesUzbekistanMyanmar (Burma)
Jan 13, 2017

January Update from Our Founders

Huw Owen

With January marching on, and falling temperatures making us daydream of warmer shores, here is the latest news from HQ...

South AfricaEthiopiaArgentina, +5
Unique to TravelLocal
Jan 11, 2017

More for your Money

Kati Taylor

It can be easy to overspend when travelling but there are plenty of ways to save money and still have an incredible experience! Read on for our top tips…

CambodiaChileVietnam, +4
Food & DrinkUnique to TravelLocal
Oct 21, 2016

Following in the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

Oliver Horne

Explore the history of the Persian Empire and follow the campaign route of its conqueror, Alexander. Find out more.

HistoryGreat JourneysCultural
Jul 4, 2016

Three Trips To Plan Now For 2013

Huw Owen

Some places can be visited at the drop of a hat, some need a bit more planning. Here are three of our favourite trips for 2013 that need a bit of thought now.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Jul 4, 2016

Ideas For Autumn Trips

Huw Owen

Do you need some inspiration for where to go this Autumn? Here are some ideas for where is great to visit, including Sapa in Vietnam, Yunnan Province in China and Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

SeptemberAugustOctober, +1
ClassicWalking & Hiking
Jul 4, 2016

Meet Gulnora - Our Local Partner In Uzbekistan

Huw Owen

We caught up with our Local Tour Operator in Uzbekistan who shared with us what she thinks makes her country special.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
Unique to TravelLocalCulturalHistory
Jul 4, 2016

The Pamir Highway

Huw Owen

In deepest, darkest Uzbekistan, you will find the spectacular Pamir Mountains. Discover how to explore them, as they take you as far off the beaten track as you can imagine!

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
AdventureOff the Beaten PathWalking & Hiking
Jul 4, 2016

October Half Term Getaways

Huw Owen

The half term holidays are great in that you usually end up with about 7 or 8 days to get away, but where to go that's not Europe but still within reach?

IndiaChinaGeorgia, +1
ClassicCulturalFood & Drink
Jul 4, 2016

Tamerlane - Hero? Or Tyrant?

Huw Owen

Uzbekistan's history has been turbulent, and stories haven't exactly painted Tamerlane favourably, so why do so many Uzbeks revere him as a great man?

FebruaryJanuaryMarch, +9
Jul 4, 2016

The Great Game - 10 Remarkable People

Huw Owen

How imperial rivalry kick-started exploration through Europe and Asia. Here, we list 10 Remarkable People of the Great Game to help you navigate this incredible period of history.

Off the Beaten PathHistoryCultural
Jun 14, 2016

The Spider Suicides

Huw Owen

This incredible, yet weird phenomenon is the Darvaza gas crater in Turkmenistan. Flames arise mysteriously out of the ground, as if you are entering the Gates of Hell.

Off the Beaten Path
Jun 14, 2016

The Road Less Travelled: Tajikistan

Huw Owen

While Tajikistan may be the poorest and most remote of the former republics of the Soviet Union, the scenery is the most incredible scenery on Earth that you've never heard of or seen.

Off the Beaten Path
Jun 14, 2016

A Journey Through The Pamirs

Huw Owen

Last year Malachy O'Neill and his girlfriend Helen spent five unforgettable weeks travelling through Central Asia in search of adventure and music. Here they tell us more.

Off the Beaten PathAdventure
Jun 14, 2016

The Road Less Travelled: Bukhara

Huw Owen

Many people, even among that niche that wants to explore Central Asia and the Silk Route, don't know Bukhara very well. It is a historic and varied place, well worth a visit.

May 31, 2016

10 Things You Didn't Know About Central Asia

Huw Owen

It's fair to say that Central Asia is a weird and wonderful place. We thought we would summarise below some of the many curiosities that have come to our attention over the years.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
May 27, 2016

When To Go To Uzbekistan

Huw Owen

Do you have a slight itch to travel to the wondrous Uzbekistan but aren't sure when to go? We've mulled the subject over for you and are happy to share our ideas.

Unique to TravelLocal