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9 days
from £5,300 pp

Kenya: Ultimate Safari

AprilMayJune, +1
Off the Beaten PathWildlifeSafari, +2
Aug 27, 2019

KwaZulu-Natal: South Africa's hidden gem

Martha Hales

Soaring mountains call to hikers, fantastic wildlife and birding opportunities draw wildlife enthusiasts, and ancient rock paintings and memorials to historic battles cry out to culture lovers. Throw bustling Durban and a stunning Indian Ocean coastline into the mix and you have magical KwaZulu-Natal.

South Africa
CoastFood & DrinkWildlife, +2
Jun 26, 2019

Where to see wildlife responsibly

Martha Hales

Wildlife watching is often the highlight of exploring a destination. Knowing how to responsibly see magnificent creatures like tigers and elephants within a country is crucial in ensuring that they will still be there for future generations. Read on to find out where and how to do so...

UgandaRwandaMalawi, +8
14 days
from £3,600 pp

The Unexplored East

NovemberDecemberJanuary, +3
CulturalSafariHistory, +4
Apr 26, 2019

Our favourite tailor-made honeymoon ideas

Martha Hales

A honeymoon has got to be a holiday to remember, and how better to make that happen than to have one personalised to you? We've gathered together our favourite tailor-made honeymoon ideas to inspire you, whether you fancy stargazing and safari in Namibia or exploring the highlights of South America.

PeruIndiaBrazil, +5
HighlightsLuxurySafari, +2
Apr 24, 2019

Where to see the world's most endangered species

Martha Hales

The Earth and its animals are precious and some of the most endangered species are teetering of the edge of extinction - only we can help. Here we've looked at the reasons for why so many species' populations are in decline, and where you can ethically go to see these incredible animals in the wild.

LaosSouth AfricaMozambique, +22
SafariOff the Beaten PathWildlife
Apr 1, 2019

Seeking out the Ugly Five

Corinne Homer

You may think - since we're publishing this article on April Fools - that the existence of the Ugly Five is a farce... but you'd be mistaken! Discover which of Africa's unfortunate creatures have made the cut for this less glamorous safari bucket-list, from the warthog to the wildebeest.

TanzaniaUgandaRwanda, +3
Mar 25, 2019

A family holiday in Kenya

Martha Hales

There can’t be many children who wouldn’t squeal with excitement at the prospect of visiting Kenya - land of storybook animals, tribal culture, warm seas and volcanic mountains. Here are our top tips for how to ensure you (and the children) have the very best time on your holiday.

WildlifeSafariFamily, +1
18 days
from £7,470 pp

Birds & Mammals of Uganda

Walking & HikingSafariWildlife
17 days
from £9,730 pp

A Honeymoon in South Africa and Mauritius

South Africa
SafariLuxuryWildlife, +2
Mar 6, 2019

What to pack for an African safari holiday

Martha Hales

If you're planning an African safari holiday but are unsure of what clothes to wear, what devices to bring or what essentials you might not have considered, then take a look at our handy guide for the dos and don'ts of safari packing.

South AfricaNamibiaRwanda, +5
9 days
from £2,850 pp

Forest Birds of Uganda

Off the Beaten PathSafariWildlife, +1
Feb 22, 2019

The best time to visit Kenya

Martha Hales

Planning a trip to Kenya but unsure of when to visit? Whether you want to witness the Great Migration or relax on the country's beaches, take a look at our blog post before booking to make sure you get the most out of your holiday weather-wise.

SafariFamilyWildlife, +1
7 days
from £1,430 pp

Chimps and primates in Western Uganda

15 days
from £10,030 pp

Honeymoon in Kenya

CoastHoneymoonSafari, +3
Feb 1, 2019

Sri Lanka's Wildlife

Martha Hales

Discover all of the amazing species which Sri Lanka has to offer - see leopards on safari in Yala National Park, go whale watching off the coast of Mirissa or Trincomalee and spot Sri Lankan Elephants in Udawalawe.

Sri Lanka
Walking & HikingCoastWildlife, +2
12 days
from £3,660 pp

Savannah Birds of Uganda

WildlifeOff the Beaten PathSafari, +1
Jan 22, 2019

Birdwatching in India

Martha Hales

India is an ideal destination for amateur birdwatchers and expert ornithologists alike. With a wide variety of species across the country, including crested serpent eagles and brightly coloured bee-eaters, there will always be more to tick off your birding bucketlist.

SeptemberOctoberNovember, +4
Jan 18, 2019

Why you should go to Sri Lanka

Martha Hales

Paradise beaches, abundant wildlife, rich cultural history and delicious food - Sri Lanka is a travellers dream. We've compiled our top reasons to visit the fascinating and diverse island.

Sri Lanka
CoastWalking & HikingWildlife, +5
10 days
from £2,550 pp

Rwenzori Mountains Hiking & Savannah Safari

JanuaryFebruaryJune, +3
SafariWildlifeWalking & Hiking, +1
Jan 14, 2019

Where to go on safari in 2019

Martha Hales

Close encounters with the world's wildlife are experiences to be treasured. We've picked out our favourite safari destinations from all over the world to tantalise our fellow wildlife lovers. From traditional Kenyan game drives to spotting leopards in the Sri Lankan tree tops, find out where you should be going this year.

UgandaRwandaMalawi, +7
Jan 7, 2019

A guide to India's best national parks

Tom Stapleton

India has 102 national parks, covering around five percent of its territory. Elephants, tigers, monkeys, rhino, antelopes, and leopards can all be seen, though not necessarily all in the same park. Here we present some of our favourites and what you can expect to see in them...

Dec 14, 2018

Wildlife of Colombia

Kati Taylor

Vast grasslands, dense jungle and tropical coastlines combine in Colombia - the most biodiverse country in the world by square miles. It is home to over 450 species of mammal and an unbelievable 1,850 birds, all of whom are split across its various ecosystems. Despite this incredible diversity, Colombia’s 58 protected areas remain relatively untouched by tourism. Find out more about this incredible country's spectacular wildlife.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +6
Dec 5, 2018

Wildlife of Brazil

Martha Hales

As the world's most biodiverse country, Brazil is abundant with thriving wildlife. We've rounded up our top three locations in the South American nation to see a wide variety of species, including the birds of the Amazon rainforest, the jaguars of the Pantanal and the country's dizzying array of flora.

AprilMayJune, +4
Off the Beaten PathWalking & HikingSafari, +1
Dec 1, 2018

What you need to know before you go on safari

Samantha Fergusson

If you've never been on safari before and aren't sure where to go or how to go about planning it, then we have the answers. Our local experts have answered some key FAQs to get you started on planning a safari of a lifetime.

RwandaSouth AfricaTanzania, +4
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
14 days
from £3,720 pp

Classic Kenya

JuneJulyAugust, +2
SafariUndiscovered BeachesWildlife, +2
Nov 23, 2018

Travelling in West Africa: Ghana, Togo and Benin

Kaya Brown

Ghana, Togo and Benin offer the perfect opportunity for an exciting African getaway at the fraction of the usual price, and without the hordes of tourists you find at better well-known destinations. We've rounded up our top tips and insider knowledge to bear in mind whilst travelling the West African coast.

NovemberDecemberJanuary, +2
Walking & HikingGreat JourneysSafari, +10
12 days
from £2,600 pp

Northeast India: The Last Frontier

NovemberDecemberFebruary, +1
SafariAdventureCultural, +1
Nov 20, 2018

Why you should go to Kenya

Samantha Fergusson

There’s something about Kenya that gets under the skin… Perhaps it’s the vastness of the blue sky, the epic scale of the savannahs, the charm of the local people, the pure whiteness of the beaches or the majestic wildlife that calls this nation ‘home’ that does it...

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
ClassicAdventureSafari, +3
Nov 18, 2018

When and where to see the Great Migration

Huw Owen

The Great Migration is one of Africa's most unique and majestic sights. Here, we've put together a brief guide of where to go at what times of year to see the best of this natural spectacle, where wildebeest and zebras risk their lives to make it to pastures new.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
WildlifeSafariWonders of the World