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We found you totally professional and so thankful for such a smooth running experience. I've always done my own travel plans but i am a bit of a wild card so my girlfriend was not too keen to go to Africa with me but after i showed her your web site and what you planned for us , she was in. Everything went without an itch apart from having to change the wheel in a game reserve while my girlfriend kept an eye out for Lions. Your team was on the ball the next morning we got a text with directions to take the car and get the tyre fixed. The book we unexpectedly got was a nice surprise and we followed it almost word for word has the tips and information was spot on. Can't praise you enough a job well done. Thank you for giving us our dream holiday.

Andrew, from I'm From Leeds W. Yorkshire but have lived in Germany for the last 23 years.

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What was good about our experts in South Africa?

We felt looked after that you was there all the time looking after us. Was lovely to meet one of your staff Rachael a lovely girl so helpful and friendly an asset to your company (you should give here a raise) :-) The book we used was a great help made things so much easier.

What could our experts in South Africa improve on?

I really don't know it was such a great job well done. If I have anything at all to say and I'm not complaining, it was the meals. We are vegans but when traveling we know this can be a problem but the food was great but not all the time vegan. This is something we expect as vegan is most of the time thought of has Vegetarian. Just mention it because if in the future you have strict vegans then you might get some negative feed back. We loved the way the whole holiday was planned slowly building up to Kruger, which was a issue with my girlfriend before we landed in Africa but it was so well planned she was almost getting out of the car to pet the animals by the time we got to Kruger :-)

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

We found all drivers very helpful and knew there stuff. We loved how they were so passionate about there culture and country and how they spotted animals that was just a pin prick in the distance was unbelievable

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to South Africa?

I would advice to go at the time we did as we had no problem with Mosquitoes and it was not too hot. Not to pack too much clothes, laundry is no problem and leave room in the case for the souvenirs. We had 4 nights in Kruger and two nights in the panorama but after we had seen so many animals and spent many hours in the car if we did it again probably would go for 3 days Kruger and 3 days panorama.

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

Imagine been in the middle of 3 herds of elephants from 3 different directions coming together to the same water hole and then watch as the elephants stampede because they was spooked by some thing, I don't have to imagine , I was there :-) The next day i was at the same spot no elephants just one crocodile in the pool.

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