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Top 5 Adventure Holiday Experiences for 2017


While every travel experience is different, some moments can stand apart from the crowd as truly unforgettable. Within broad and diverse itineraries, these standalone memories stay with us long after we’ve returned to our daily lives, compelling us to travel again and again. So, as the new year approaches, we thought we’d compile a list of our Top 5 Adventures for 2017. Varied and vibrant, there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy…

Namibian BushmenNamibian Bushmen

Famed for its wildlife and safari experiences, Namibia is also a country of incredible cultural variety. Our local expert’s newest itinerary includes a stay in Tsumkwe; home of the Namibian bushmen. Anthropological studies have found that these people could be one of the oldest populations on Earth. By opening some of their villages to visitors, the bushmen share their way of life with the wider world – teaching visitors traditional hunting methods, healing dances and food collection techniques that have stood the test of millennia. In this exchange built on a foundation of respect and mutual curiosity, the Namibian bushmen are sure to surprise and inspire even the most seasoned traveller.

The Jungle of Indonesia

A million miles from the bustle of Bali and Java, Tanjung Puting is a slice of raw Indonesia. A simple wooden boat (or klotok) will be your home on the water as you cruise through the forest. Still relatively unexplored, Tanjung Puting is the best place in the world to see wild orangutans and is home to the Louis Leakey Sanctuary. The cruise passes by various feeding stations and includes jungle treks to find these incredible primates in their natural habitat. Sleeping under the canopy, this adventurous itinerary is a must for wildlife lovers and would-be explorers.

Volcano BoardingNicaraguan Volcano Boarding

Standing 712 metres above sea level is the youngest volcano in Central America- Cerro Negro – and it’s a sight to behold. Located on the outskirts of Leon, Nicaragua, this peak is making a name for itself in the thrill-seeker community. Volcano boarding is snowboarding’s wilder cousin and is included on one of our local expert’s latest itineraries. After a 45 minute ascent, adrenaline junkies can surf down the volcanic slopes at speeds of up to 30mph. Unique, unexpected and utterly exhilarating; if it’s adventure you’re after then look no further.

Ciudad PerdidaColombia’s Lost City

Perched high in Colombia’s isolated coastal mountain range of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are the ruins of Teyuna; an ancient indigenous city dating back to the 800s CE. Deep in the jungle, Ciudad Perdida (or ‘Lost City’, as it was named by the Spanish) can only be reached on foot. Excursions are led by local indigenous guides, many believed to be descendants of those who built the city, and who know the area’s stories and secrets. The four day trek, as well as being incredibly beautiful, is steeped in history (and there are regular swimming holes to help you cool off). Sleeping under the stars, the trek is sure to take you a million miles away from the demands of the modern world.

Morocco’s Berber Culture

Aside from the magic of Marrakech and Essaouira, Morocco is home to old traditions that have survived well into modernity. Rural Demnat is the ideal base for exploring Berber culture. During your stay, you can help local farmers with their harvest, and learn to make your own tagines in a pottery class. Surrounded by pomegranate and olive orchards, Demnat offers cultural adventure at a relaxed pace.

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