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The best active trips for multigenerational families


Few travel experiences are more rewarding and precious than multigenerational family trips; they help you build lasting memories, allowing young and old to explore new cultures, cuisines, and cities together, and above all, ensure that everyone gets to enjoy incredible, family-friendly adventures. What’s more, your kids get to travel with their grandparents, cousins, or other extended family members and see the world through their seasoned eyes — even as the older generations (of parents, grandparents, and even uncles and aunts) get to relive their youth alongside their younger, more excitable counterparts. 

For those families looking to lace up their boots, get out and explore the great outdoors together, we’ve narrowed down some of the best active family vacations that everyone can enjoy and experience, no matter their age.

What to consider when planning a family adventure

Before planning this adventure for your family, it’s important to consider some practical matters, like who’s going to be paying and whether family vacations are worth the cost for you – for example, will very young children even remember the experience or is it better to wait a few years and rather travel when they’re a bit older? You will also want to consider how long your family vacation should be, and of course, how you can make sure to plan a trip that everyone will enjoy.

You also need to factor in family-friendly accommodation, childcare, and even age, weight, or height restrictions for some activities. Lastly, ensure that everyone’s schedules line up, especially with school terms, work commitments, and project deadlines to consider. Once you have all the technicalities locked down and know which kind of travel adventure will best suit your multigenerational family, it’s time to decide on the destination and, of course, all the fun experiences you wish to enjoy together.

multigenerational family on a beach in Spain, an active family vacation

Where to go for an active vacation with the whole family

When it comes to active family vacations, ultimately, the choice of where to go and what to do should be a collective one that your multigenerational family reaches together. Do you want to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the French Pyrenees, where your adventure-loving family can enjoy everything from river rafting, canyoning, horse riding and mountain biking, to walking with huskies and even caving? Or would you prefer to discover the mysteries and wonders of Greece together, where enlightening historical adventures await, punctuated by authentic, warm Greek hospitality, timeless Greek culture, and incredible landscapes? Your possibilities are seemingly endless, so we’re here to help you narrow down your choices.

Intrepid tours in the fascinating French Pyrenees

Stretching from the coastal reaches of the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Mediterranean in the east, the awe-inspiring Pyrenees mountain range forms a natural barrier between France and SpainAnd here, in this beautiful part of the world, you’ll find a wealth of hiking trails, breathtaking mountain vistas, and of course, impressive ski resorts to savor. So, if you’re looking for a vacation with beautiful scenery, rich outdoor experiences, great food, and charming accommodation, then the French Pyrenees is the place to go.

Our local expert has put together an incredible, eight-day French Pyrenees itinerary filled with your choice of activities, along with some carefully curated suggestions on places to visit, family-friendly restaurant recommendations, excellent accommodation, and so much more. With our ultimate adventure itinerary, your family can enjoy tandem paragliding, a summertime excursion to Loudenvielle (an authentic village set at the head of the idyllic Louron Valley), stand-up paddle boarding, off-road scooter, and hiking experiences. You’ll also get to spend a thrilling night in an off-the-grid mountain refuge, try your hand at river rafting on the Garonne, visit a husky center in the Central Pyrenees, and more.

multigenerational family on an active family vacation in France, Pyrenees

History adventures in Greece

If you’d prefer to explore the magic of the Mediterranean with a family adventure in Greece, then we have you covered. Our local expert has carefully put together a wondrous 11-day itinerary allowing you and your loved ones to discover the beauty of Greece. On this epic, active family vacation, you’ll uncover the rich history of Athens, discover the fascinating culture of Crete, and even soak up stunning Santorini sunsets together! Best of all, our itinerary ensures you encounter the very best in authentic Greek hospitality and food through handpicked, family-owned boutique hotels.

Highlights include exploring Athens’ bustling Plaka, a popular neighborhood home to some of the best archaeological sites, eateries, and shops to browse and enjoy; traveling back in time with a tour of the Parthenon and new Acropolis Museum; journeying into Delphi, which is surrounded by the imposing Mount Parnassus and the beautiful valleys and hills of the Boeotian Plains; catching a flight to Crete and exploring colorful ruins before dining at a nearby taverna; hiking the Imbros Gorge across a family-friendly, 8km trail; and soaking up the beauty of Santorini from your own private balcony – phew!

Greece, Athens, view of the Acropolis

Family safaris in sunny South Africa

What is more thrilling than a family safari in sunny, diverse South Africa? This beautiful country is well-known and loved for its incredible landscapes that teem with rich flora and fauna, including amazing wildlife like the mighty Big Five (which is made up of African lions, leopards, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo and elephants). 

There are so many safari options to enjoy in South Africa and most safari experiences, game lodges, national parks, and nature reserves happily cater to families. This makes South Africa a truly exceptional destination for multigenerational families to enjoy. Whether you are looking for guided safari tours or self-drive experiences with thrilling wildlife sightings, nature walks through the bushveld, incredible birdwatching or other fun experiences under the African sun, we’ve got you covered. You can also add some city-based experiences to your African adventure with trips to scenic Cape Town, visits to iconic Johannesburg landmarks (like the Voortrekker Monument or Union Buildings), or even time spent at the world-class leisure resort, Sun City.

South Africa, elephants on a game drive safari

Discover our best family trips

If you’re on the lookout for even more active family vacations across the globe, we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorites:

Make it happen

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