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Kakori Kebabs!


TravelLocal was recently in Delhi, and tried some Kakori kebabs. These are the softest, most tender kebabs we’ve ever tasted – with a melt-in-your mouth consistency, they almost don’t seem like meat.

Kakori is a small town near the city of Lucknow that has given its name to these unusual concoctions. There are several legends associated with the dish. One has it that the kebabs were created for an elderly, toothless Nawab (‘Lord’) who, despite his lack of molars, wanted to still be able to consume meat.

Another has it that they were created on the orders of a Nawab after a British official was overheard snootily deriding the texture of the kebabs he was served.

Either way, the kebabs are prepared using meat from the tendon of a leg of lamb, with khoya (a cottage cheese like substance), white pepper as well as a blend of ‘secret’ spices. Lightly grilled, they are as far from kebabs you get in the UK as you can imagine.

TravelLocal tried Kakori kebabs as part of a street food tour of Delhi, which is highly recommended. The variety of food, industriousness of the stall owners and sheer tastiness of the food is staggering.

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