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Eat On The Street – Delhi’s Roadside Food Scene


‘Delhi belly’ is feared by any visitor to India. It’s a real shame that this sobriquet for traveller’s diarrhoea has stuck – the food scene, and in particular the street food scene in India’s capital is simply fabulous. Guidebooks and others may warn you away from street food, but it’s a question of going by recommendation, and following the crowds.

Old Delhi’s street food stalls or shops are all about super specialisation. Generations of unchanged recipes, and a knowing clientele whose taste buds these shops have defined make for a smorgasbord of memorable dishes. Delhi being the capital of a hugely diverse, multicultural subcontinent means that you can find an enormous variety of food from all over the country – stuffed roti from the north, spicy fish curries from Kerala, delicious Bengali sweets, to name a few. Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi has a very large number of such shops.

A guided street food tour is a great way to experience all of this – start shortly after breakfast, and slowly wander the stalls and shops, grazing as you go with the advice of an expert guide. There’s something for all tastes, spicy and non-spicy, and even the most worldly of foodies is bound to taste something they’ve never tasted, or heard of, before.

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