Cambodia's "Green Season"

by Huw Owen


Cambodia's peak season is from November to March - there's little rain, and temperatures are a pleasant 25 degrees or so. During the so called 'green season' - roughly from April to the end of August - temperatures start to rise and there's a short, intense burst of rainfall daily.

Elephant in CambodiaWhilst this period can be a little on the humid side, those who visit are rewarded with lush green vistas as plant life drinks deeply from the daily downpour, and better still, empty temples.

Crowds are few and far between and some temples you can have entirely to yourself. As an added bonus, hotels often have special offers, meaning that a visit to Cambodia in the green season offers outstanding value for money.

Make it happen:

The Cambodia weather is very seasonal, so if the Green Season doesn't appeal, check our Cambodia destination page for more information on the country as well as itinerary ideas. All our trips are private and can be tailor-made to your requirements and dates. To talk to someone in the TravelLocal office, call 0117 342 7898.

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