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Why choose a local travel company over a big brand tour operator?


When planning a holiday, locally-based travel outlets are often overlooked in favour of big name, global companies. This is a real shame. Local travel shops will not only benefit a lot Cambodia more from your investment, but often provide a much more authentic experience.

I admit that until recently, I was that person who booked with big, commercial names – because a known brand is more visible and I thought it would save money and time. Funnily enough, it was not only quicker and cheaper choosing a local travel company, but there were lots of unexpected positives!

Here are 10 plus-points I experienced on my adventure with TravelLocal’s experts in Vietnam and Cambodia:

  1. There’s no rush to fit everything in – you can create your own itinerary, see what you want in the time you have and go at your own pace.
  2. You can choose whether you want to join a group tour or go private – you can choose who you want to travel with, whether that’s a large group full of new people to meet or a private tour with your nearest and dearest.
  3. Your local guide knows the area better than anyone; they may have even grown up there.
  4. Their first-hand knowledge means they always know the best places to eat!
  5. A smaller group means more opportunities to chat with your local tour guide.
  6. Getting away from the tourist spots means a more authentic, more memorable experience.
  7. Flexibility – when planning your itinerary the local travel guides can customise depending on your budget. They could upgrade your accommodation if you want to splash out, or offer alternatives like taking the local bus if you want to cut down on costs.
  8. Depending on the destination (some countries legally require tourists to have a guide), you can be in control over how much of your trip is guided, so you’ll still have the opportunity to explore on your own.
  9. It’s cheaper to spend less time in tourist hot spots and go off the beaten track.
  10. Your local guide can inform you on culture and customs, as well as where is safe to explore and what to avoid.

Make it happen

I hope I’ve convinced you to consider a local travel company when planning for your next adventure! Why contact TravelLocal with your destination of choice and see what they come up with?

To read about my 12 days in Vietnam, visit my website www.hofftoexplore.com 

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