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Where to go in October


There’s no denying it – summer is over. As the cold weather draws in, thoughts have undoubtedly turned to thick jumpers, autumn leaves and shorter days… Or have they? Here at TravelLocal, we believe that ‘summer’ is a fluid term, and should be extended for as long as possible. For many countries across the globe, the month of October marks a levelling out of temperatures, a change of colours and a surge of events. So why not take advantage?

Autumn in the UK marks the start of wildflower season in South Africa

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled our choice of the best places to go in October. Your most difficult decision this season needn’t be which waterproof jacket to go for, but where in the world will be ticked off your bucket list next…


October marks Morocco’s shoulder season, which enjoys easy-going temperatures hitting the low twenties (Celsius) most days. When heading to Morocco it makes sense to anchor yourself in dizzying Marrakesh, where the famed central medina will overwhelm all your senses with its sounds, spices and street performers. But the mildness of October better lends itself to coastal Essaouira, where you can escape the chaos in local art galleries and boutique cafes. As you sip mint tea near the port with a backdrop of sandstone, windsurfers and cobalt fishing boats, you’ll know that you have picked the perfect autumn sojourn.

The balmy shores of Morocco's coastal paradise - Essaouira


Referred to as ‘Golden October’ by locals, the month sees autumn spreading its colour across the trees – especially in the north and central regions where the season is in full swing. The sights of Beijing, including the Great Wall, are offset by rusty foliage, and temperatures are pleasantly cool after the sticky heat of the earlier months. If you’d prefer an extended summer, however, the south sees a lot of sun in October. The meandering rivers and stunning karst scenery of the Guilin province enjoy warm days with cool evenings for a comfortable sleep. Be aware that 1st October is a National Day in China, the start of a week long holiday. Perhaps stay out of the big cities if you have to travel at this time, and instead take advantage of China’s splendid, yet underrated countryside.

The brilliant autumn colours of China


Hiking buffs will no doubt see Nepal as their ‘holy grail’, and October offers ideal conditions for Himalayan trekking. Inevitably this means sharing the trails with more people and prices will be slightly higher, but it’s worth it to see the sun bounce off the snow-capped peaks at the clearest time of year. Of course, Nepal isn’t just for lovers of high altitude – sacred monuments and local treasures are squeezed into every corner of spiritual Kathmandu, while peaceful villages can be found out in the countryside.

The fantastic autumn hues of Nepal

South Africa

In October the South African springtime is in full motion, with bursts of flowers carpeting every patch of green and making Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens particularly colourful. The weather is very mild, with highs of around 21 degrees Celsius; the perfect climate for exploring the cafes and galleries of Cape Town. Though big game is best viewed in the winter months between June and September, October offers fantastic bird-watching and also falls within whale-watching season. Head to Hermanus, about a 90 minute drive from Cape Town, to watch magnificent Southern Right whales playing off the south coast, sometimes as close as five metres from the shore.

A southern right whale breaches off the coast of Hermanus, South Africa

Make it Happen

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