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Three Trips To Plan Now For 2013


Some places can be visited at the drop of a hat, some need a bit more planning. Here are three of our favourite trips for 2013 that need a bit of thought now.

1) Festivals in China – throughout 2013. The south of China sees many colourful festivals throughout the year, but especially in April and May. These can be visited in their own right, or in conjunction with some of China’s classic sites such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. As they tend to be in smaller towns and villages with limited accommodation options, it’s well worth planning in advance. See our previous blog post for one of our favourites – the Sisters’ Meal festival, which occurs in on the 24th-26th April in 2013.

2) Naadam festival, Mongolia – 11th-13th July 2013. The premier event in Mongolia’s calendar, Naadam is the festival of ‘three manly sports’ – archery, horseriding and wrestling. Expect a lively, party atmosphere, with people coming from all over Mongolia to compete. Because of this, and its increasing popularity with international visitors, it’s worth booking early. Even outside of Naadam, it’s worth planning a trip to Mongolia in good time – the season is short, and good, experienced guides get booked up in advance.

3) A journey Along the Silk Route. One of the world’s epic journeys, it’s worth planning this one in advance due to the complexity of the arrangements, as well as the need for multiple visas. The best times of year are spring or autumn, though travel over summer is possible if you don’t mind the heat too much.

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