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How to honeymoon in Argentina


Argentina’s stunning mountain vistas, bustling cities and incredible scenery make it a perfect honeymoon destination. What better way to celebrate and unwind than against the backdrop of its dramatic natural landscapes? It is an undeniably romantic setting, with its world-renowned wines, breathtaking vistas, and sultry displays of tango dancing on balmy evenings. Its cities boast an eclectic mixture of vibrant culture and historic Spanish architecture. Whether you are seeking adventure in the glacial lakes of Patagonia or simply wishing to relax in one another’s company, Argentina certainly has a great deal to offer to the honeymooning couple.

Buenos Aires bustling nightlife Argentina

Our fantastic local experts in Argentina know the country like the back of their hand. They can do all the hard work for you and take all the stress out of planning by creating a bespoke, truly unforgettable honeymoon just for you. If anything catches your eye, simply get in touch with them and they can create your dream romantic getaway.

Honeymoon in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s bustling capital city. Its blend of colourful colonial streets and vibrant nightlife makes it a wildly exciting destination to visit. This diverse city is the pinnacle of Latin American buzz, rich with a sensual and sultry atmosphere and a fantastic food scene. There is no better way to discover Argentinian cuisine than at the table of someone who has been eating and serving traditional meals since childhood. Why not sample Argentina’s food the porteño way, by dining with a local family one night? Sample authentic dishes including empanada and asado, washed down with delicious Argentine wine, then for dessert indulge in an alfajor or two – a type of crumbly, delicate cookie made using cornstarch. To continue your truly authentic Argentinian experience, put on your dancing shoes and partake in a milonga – a type of Argentine ballroom dance – where the pair of you can party the night away with the locals of this incredible city.

Couple tango dancing Argentina Buenos Aires

Wine tasting in Salta

Situated in the mountainous north-west at the foot of the Andes, the colonial city of Salta boasts impressive architecture and is steeped in rich history. The surrounding region proudly offers extensive, panoramic views across the vineyards that adorn the land.

Cathedral Salta Argentina

Head to the Calchaquí Valleys to survey stunning red rock formations, rugged landscapes and famous high-altitude vineyards – the microclimate here is ideal for viticulture. Argentina is in fact the fifth largest wine producer in the world, and Salta’s vintages are particularly delicious. Enjoy a romantic dinner with a glass of their world-renowned wine and let the sommelier guide you on a voyage of discovery though Argentina’s wines. The food of the region is similarly delicious – you should make sure that you experience the traditional cuisine of fresh, local vegetables, which have been smoked over glowing embers. Or discover the true flavours of north-west Argentina by visiting San Miguel Market, where you will unearth a whole host of local products and spices that are sure to transform any dish.

Salta Province Vineyards Argentina

Exploring Patagonia

Think of Patagonia and, for most people, views of vast glaciers and soaring mountains spring to mind. We recommend you sail along a glacial fjord to get truly immersed in the magical surroundings of beautiful mountains and waterfalls.

Patagonia’s dramatic and rugged landscape also offers a unique opportunity to interact with the surrounding wildlife. For a truly remarkable experience, why not take a kayak and paddle alongside sea lions? Navigating through Patagonia’s section of the Atlantic Ocean, spotting these fascinating mammals gliding through the water is sure to be an unforgettable experience. For a mixture of adventure and excitement, you can also snorkel with them, as the Punta Loma Nature Reserve has wild colonies of up to 900 sea lions.

Patagonia glaciers mountains Argentina

Finally, to put the cherry on the cake of your Argentinian honeymoon, we would recommend that you head to the Península Valdés. It is recognised by UNESCO as a site of global significance for the conservation of marine mammals so is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. Spot endangered southern right whales off the coast, marvel at enormous elephant seals, and perhaps even admire ingenious orcas as they hunt sea lions in the shallows.

Whale watching Patagonia Peninsula Valdes

Make it happen

Want to experience all of this for yourself? Whether it is your honeymoon or simply a romantic getaway, Argentina is a country rich in its diversity, culture and breathtaking landscapes. Our local experts are on hand to turn this dream into a reality. Just send them a few details, and they can craft a bespoke, tailor-made trip just for you.

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