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Authentic India At Ramathra Fort


One of the joys of visiting a new place is interacting with the people there, and finding out about their lives and how they live. Inevitably, as places become popular with visitors, this interaction can become somewhat tainted by the fact that local people start to rely on visitors for their incomes, and need to sell postcards/carpets/tours in order to make ends meet. India is somewhere where this is particularly the case. Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, is a must for many visitors, but many find Agra to be not the most pleasant of cities, due in part to the large numbers of touts, t-shirt sellers and rip-off merchants.

Fortunately though, there are still many places in India where it’s possible to interact with people in a natural, easy way, and Ramathra Fort is one such place. Around three to four hours from Agra or Jaipur, the fort has commanding views over the peaceful surrounding countryside. The property has been in the family of Ravi Raj Pal for generations, and the family to this day act as your hosts – giving you insights into how India has changed over the years, not to mention delicious home cooked meals.

At the base of the fort is the village of Ramathra. One of the joys of staying here is taking a stroll through the village. Villagers are genuinely keen to ask questions, show you round their house, and (especially) have their photos taken, and are not ‘plumbed in’ to the tourist industry at all – they’re not trying to sell you anything or ask for money. A visit to the local primary school is especially informative and touching, and you may even find yourself as part of the lesson!

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