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Argentina: Meet your local experts!


Sweeping all the way down to the tip of Antarctica, Argentina encompasses mesmerising landscapes, delicious gastronomy, and a rich diverse culture. Enjoy an elegant evening of Tango in Buenos Aires, taste locally produced Malbec wine in the idyllic Mendoza Wine Country, stand in awe of the Perito Moreno Glacier, and experience the power and beauty of the spectacular Iguazu Falls all on one unforgettable trip.

We spoke to your local experts Clara and Laura all about their incredible country and their personal recommendations.

View of the lake district in Argentina's Patagonia

What is life like in Argentina? 

We believe life in Argentina is a combination of:
Delicious food: Argentina has many special treats that are difficult not to miss when you’re away. Every region has its speciality and you’ll fall in love with a different dish no matter where you go.

Friendly people: Here it’s easy to make friends. Just by sharing a mate you’ll start a conversation and get invited to an asado. We are relaxed, spontaneous and have plenty of time to chat about anything (we have an opinion about everything hahaha). 

Unforgettable landscapes: Another great thing about Argentina is that it is a land of contrasts. You’ll find so many different landscapes in just one country. Falls, mountains, lakes, glaciers… we have everything in the same country so you’ll never finish your bucket list.

Plate piled with Argentinian alfajores

Where is your favourite place to go in the summer and why?

Clara: “I would say the best place to visit in summer is Patagonia, being more specific: El Chaltén. I went there in February and completely fell in love with this remote town in the middle of nowhere where you can truly connect with nature. It’s heaven for those who love breath-taking landscapes and becoming friends with complete strangers you just met starting a trekking trail. It’s the Mecca of trekkers”. 

Where is your favourite place to go in the winter and why?

Laura: “Bariloche is my favourite place to go in the winter since it’s the perfect place to truly enjoy this season. Skiing in snowy peaks, having a hot chocolate or relaxing at a spa. Bariloche is a great place to enjoy the winter season with its white landscapes and aphrodisiac chocolate”.

Clara: “The Argentine Northwest is also a great destination to visit in winter, it’s the perfect place to connect with the spirit of Earth and the soul of its people. It’s known for the Humahuaca Gorge & the Big Salt Flats”.

What are your top 3 must-visit places in Argentina?

Iguazú Falls: These magical waterfalls are one of our favourite destinations. Although it’s a destination that can be crowded, the experience is truly unforgettable. You just won’t forget it.

El Calafate & El Chaltén: These two destinations though are different, they should be visited together. El Calafate offers the massive Perito Moreno Glacier (one of the only glaciers that is still growing) and your visit would be incomplete without El Chaltén (as mentioned earlier the Mecca of hikers). This last destination is truly one of my favourites and a great representation of Patagonia’s essence.

Buenos Aires: How could you visit a country without staying at least two days in its capital? Locals here are called porteños, and you should live like one of them for a day or two if you’re coming to the Paris of South America.

Water cascading down over the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

What are some local experiences people travelling to Argentina definitely shouldn’t miss?

Going to a milonga: it’s a place where you don’t find professionals dancing but just people that love dancing tango.

Having an asado: like we said before, this is part of us and it’s sort of a ritual. This is one of our favourite experiences. 

Watching a football match: going to a stadium and watching a football match in Argentina is truly something magical. The excitement of the fans at a stadium is contagious. 

Couple dancing at a milonga

What is your fondest memory of Argentina?

Laura: “I have really good memories of my holidays in Bariloche, located in the Lakes Region. This destination looks like Switzerland and it’s impossible to have a bad time here. You’ll always feel like a local and have something to do: going trekking, kayaking, travelling by boat to Chile. This destination is unique!”







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