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Whether you've spent a lifetime dreaming of a honeymoon filled with sunset strolls and blissfully empty beaches, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to marvel at the great migration, no two couples are the same, so our local partners tailor every honeymoon to be the most special start to your married life.

Trip ideas

Honeymoon trip ideas

Cosying up in a yurt against the mountains of rural Kyrgyzstan; floating over the Namibian desert in a hot air balloon; raising a glass to each other in Tuscany; whale watching in Patagonia... Tell us what your perfect honeymoon looks like and we'll make it happen.

11 days
from £3,700 pp

A Honeymoon In Japan

MarchAprilMay, +6
11 days
from £4,740 pp

Luxury Honeymoon: Provence & Bordeaux

Food & DrinkHoneymoonLuxury, +3
16 days
from £2,970 pp

Honeymoon in Sri Lanka & the Maldives

Sri LankaMaldives
HoneymoonCoastClassic, +2
15 days
from £9,560 pp

Luxury two week honeymoon in Italy

HoneymoonLuxuryCoast, +1
9 days
from £2,310 pp

A perfect honeymoon in Greece

MayJuneJuly, +2
17 days
from £3,890 pp

A Honeymoon in Brazil

HoneymoonHighlightsCoast, +1
13 days
from £2,680 pp

A Honeymoon in India

OctoberNovemberDecember, +3
ClassicCulturalHoneymoon, +2
13 days
from £2,440 pp

Honeymoon in Kyrgyzstan

Off the Beaten PathHoneymoonWalking & Hiking, +1
14 days
from £3,400 pp

A Honeymoon in Namibia

MarchAprilMay, +4
AdventureCoastHoneymoon, +4

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Honeymoon inspiration

Not sure where to start? Our blogs are full of honeymoon ideas to help you on your way.

Apr 26, 2019

Our favourite tailor-made honeymoon ideas

Martha Hales

A honeymoon has got to be a holiday to remember, and how better to make that happen than to have one personalised to you? We've gathered together our favourite tailor-made honeymoon ideas to inspire you, whether you fancy stargazing and safari in Namibia or exploring the highlights of South America.

KyrgyzstanIndiaChile, +5
SafariHoneymoonLuxury, +2
May 17, 2018

Top 10 things to do on a Namibia honeymoon

Samantha Fergusson

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a wildlife lover, a stargazer, a romantic or simply like a bit of an adventure, Namibia is the place for your honeymoon. We've selected some of our favourite experiences that are perfect for a break with your newly-wed, from hot air ballooning through Sossusvlei, to doing safari in Etosha...

AprilMayJune, +4
HoneymoonAdventureBoat Journeys, +2
Apr 13, 2018

How to honeymoon in Argentina

our local expert, Laura

Argentina is a country of stunning landscapes, bustling nightlife and incredible wildlife. One of our local experts in Argentina, Laura, has selected some of her top recommendations for the perfect honeymoon in this beautiful country.

JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
HoneymoonLuxuryFood & Drink, +2
Jan 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day: Romantic Getaway Inspiration

Martha Hales

Need some inspiration for a Valentine's Day to remember? Check out our unconventional favourites...

JordanChinaCosta Rica, +4
Undiscovered BeachesSafariAdventure, +1

Things to know before you go to Japan

From what levels of language to expect to whether to tip or not, we've gathered together some key information to know before you go to Japan.


Japanese store frontJapanese has the ninth largest number of speakers of all languages. It has many dialects, and of these the Tokyo dialect is nominated as standard Japanese. There are a number of other languages spoken throughout Japan, all belonging to the same language family but not mutually intelligible. The Ryukyuan languages from Okinawa and surrounding islands are spoken by few people and are officially classified as endangered. The eponymous language of the Ainu people in Hokkaido is a separate indigenous language with no connection to the Japonic family of languages, and it’s now critically endangered.

Back streets of TokyoEnglish is not widely spoken in Japan and although this may initially seem like it will cause inconvenience, it rarely does. Smiles and gestures can often go a long way and the language barrier can even lead to some memorable and amusing encounters. Japanese people on the whole are keen to help with directions and so on, and in the cities in particular you will find that there are quite a few people who understand the basics of English, especially in written form. In urban areas and tourist regions signs, menus and timetables are usually in Japanese and English, which helps. Translation apps can really come in handy if you find yourself stuck, and the apps which allow you to scan in a kanji character and get an English approximation are especially useful.


Chef serving food in JapanBring cash and be sure you have a good supply of yen, particularly if you are travelling outside the cities. Japan is still very much a cash based society and outside the cities, the acceptance of credit cards is rare. Only certain ATMs will accept foreign issued bank cards. JP Post banks affiliated with Japan Post, and Sevenbank affiliated with 7/11 convenience stores are the most frequently found. Another thing to note is that tipping is not customary in Japan. If you leave a tip at a restaurant, you may be chased down by your server who will think you have forgotten to take your change!


Tokyo JapanWhile the country is trying to make improvements, particularly to accommodate foreign visitors, free wifi is not common in Japan. Telephone sims are not available from the main cell phone carriers in Japan but data sims giving access to internet are available for purchase. These may allow you to call using skype, google chat or other similar software. If you wish to make calls you will need to make these while roaming on your local carrier. We recommend you check on rates before travelling as these can be high. It is possible to rent mobile phones in Japan and there are booths at major airports where these can be picked up if ordered in advance.

Medical care & vaccinations

Japan does not have reciprocal medical care arrangements with other countries so it is recommended that you take out a travel insurance policy that will cover medical procedures and medical emergencies for your time in Japan.

Entry requirements

Cherry blossom in JapanMany nationalities do not require a visa to enter Japan for up to 90 days, providing they have adequate funds, a valid passport and evidence of return or onwards travel. You can check up-to-date entry requirements here. Expect to be photographed on arrival and be aware that usually you will need to provide your fingerprints.

Cultural quirks

People with tattoos are still often forbidden from using public baths or even communal baths in traditional style Japanese accommodations. Usually there will be some signage posted at the entrance to the baths if people with tattoos are refused entry.

What to pack for your Sri Lanka holiday

If you've never been to a country like Sri Lanka, it can be hard to know exactly what to pack for your holiday!

Train through tea plantations - Sri Lanka holidayThe most practical clothing in Sri Lanka's often hot and humid climate is made up of loose fitting, light cotton. Do bear in mind that the Hill Country can feel a bit like England in spring time, with cooler temperatures dropping yet further in the night. If you are planning to visit the mountains, you should probably pack a warm jumper for the evenings and a light cardigan or sweater will easily suffice for during the day.

On the whole you can wear casual, comfy clothes, and bikinis / trunks on the beach are absolutely fine, however be aware of cultural sensitivities when out and about. Whist remaining casual, it's appreciated when you wear knee length shorts, skirts or dresses.

Sri Lanka holidays - Dambulla Cave Golden TemplThere are a few strictures when visiting religious sites such as shrines and temples. Whilst short sleeved tops and vest tops are fine elsewhere, for women it's important that shoulders and legs are covered to an extent, so pack a shawl or sarong to cover up when required. Men too are asked to wear long-ish shorts or trousers and t-shirts or shirts rather than a vest top for example.

Wearing sandals or flip-flops is recommended for trips to temples etc. as you are often asked to remove them before you enter, however if you're planning to go for hikes or treks through the jungle etc. it's a good idea to pack decent socks and trainers.

Of course, when you're visiting a hot country, it's important to pack sun protection - suncream, glasses, hats or caps. Plug adaptors, insect repellent and a day bag / backpack will all also come in useful.

Lesser-known highlights of the Maldives

You may not know it, but there's a little more to the Maldives than just beach relaxation and snorkelling. Here are some of the lesser-known draws to this stunning archipelago.

Meander the Maldivian capital: Malé

Children playing in Male, MaldivesIf you want a bit of a buzzing contrast to the peace and relaxation of the resorts, then come here. The capital of the Maldives offers a great introduction to the national culture and history, adding a layer of understanding of local life to your Maldives holiday. Malé is a lively, friendly city and holds many of the important Maldivian landmarks such as the Hukuru Miskiiy or Old Friday Mosque, the National Museum and the buzzing markets. Enjoy watching the comings and goings at the harbour and sample a classic black tea at a bustling local café.

Discover local life

Fehendhoo island maldivesOn the whole, holiday-makers flock to the Maldives for the beautiful resorts, but there is a fascinating side to the islands that can only be discovered by staying on a local residential island. Enjoy the best of both worlds by having a holiday that combines time spent in a luxury resort with time on a residential island, where you can discover the local culture, sample the cuisine, and relax on Bikini Beach (which is reserved solely for tourists - the rest of the Maldives being strictly Muslim). Whilst there, you can also enjoy snorkelling, diving and sand bank trips at a fraction of the cost you would spend at a luxury resort.

Exploring Kamadhoo island maldivesBy staying on a local island, not only will you get an authentic feel for this stunning destination, but you will also be assisting the local economy to a far greater extent as the businesses that provide for travellers on these islands are locally owned (rather than owned by big resort businesses). Speak to our partner company about which island would be right for you - some are more set up for tourism, whilst others are more remote, secluded and authentic.

Maldivian music

Maldives drum musicThe most widely performed of the various traditional Maldivian dances is the Bodu Beru, which translates as 'Big Drum.' Beginning slowly, the drummers perform an intense rhythm, building up the tempo and the intensity as dancers join the drummers. The dancers improvise their movements and become almost hypnotised or entranced by the beat. A performance of Bodu Beru is typical of Maldivian festivities and if you get the chance to see one, don't miss it.

Harness the wind

kite surf maldivesThe many islands of the Maldives all have different draws - some are smaller and perfect for people who want to arrive and just flop by a gently lapping seashore, while others are bigger and invite exploration. And despite the balmy, peaceful shores, some are actually great for windsports! Between May and October there are southwesterly winds that can provide great, if gentle conditions for learning a windsport. If you're a rookie sailor, or kite or windsurfer, then speak to our local experts who will know the islands with the best, biggest unobstructed lagoons, perfect for harnessing the sea breeze.

Interesting facts about Italy

You may think you know rather a lot about Italy, but did you know any of these interesting facts?

  1. Italy holidays: coffeeEach household in Italy gets through an average of 37kg of coffee every year, which is impressive enough, but when you consider that most coffee is drunk at the bar - 14 billion shots of the stuff in an average year - it seems clear the nation runs on caffeine!

  2. There are only three active volcanoes in Europe, all in Italy. Etna dominates much of the east of Sicily and shows intermittent activity and eruptions of ash fairly constantly. Stromboli, on an island north of Sicily, is even more active, emitting sparks and ash more or less constantly. Vesuvius, near Naples, last erupted in 1944.

  3. As a single nation, Italy is young in European terms, only becoming a single nation in 1861. Before that it was a collection of city states.

  4. Italian man picking olivesItaly's enviable lifestyle, prolific fresh produce and healthy cuisine all contribute to the fact that it has one of Europe's longest life expectancies. It also has Europe's oldest population.

  5. Estimates vary as to the number of dialects spoken in Italy, but there are least 30 recognisable regional tongues, many so different that for example a Sardinian dialect speaker and a Venetian dialect speaker would not be able to understand much if they tried to communicate purely in dialect. 

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