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Food lovers, rejoice! We have the perfect itinerary for you. Enjoy a few weeks enjoying not only some of the most incredible sights in Brazil, but learning about the country through its food and people. This itinerary takes you on a gastronomic tour like no other. From enjoying street food to cooking classes with locals, farm visits and coffee tastings, you'll learn Brazil is a country that revels in its food culture and the way in which it brings people together. With this itinerary, you'll leave the country not only with a new knowledge of Brazilian food and culture, but new friends as well!

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Day 1
Rio de Janeiro
  • Free Evening in Rio de Janeiro
Day 2
Rio de Janeiro
  • Coffee Experience
Day 3
Rio de Janeiro
  • Free Day in Rio de Janeiro
Day 4
Rio de Janeiro
  • Cachaça Hike
Day 5
Rio de Janeiro, Salvador
  • Flight from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador
  • Free Day in Salvador
Day 6
  • Community Cooking Class
Day 7
  • Salvador Art and Flavor
Day 8
Salvador, Belém
  • Flight from Salvador to Belém
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 1
Day 9
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 2
Day 10
Ilha de Cotijuba
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 3
Day 11
Ilha de Cotijuba
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 4
Day 12
Ilha de Cotijuba
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 5
Day 13
Ilha de Cotijuba
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 6
Day 14
Belém, São Paulo
  • Amazon: Food, Arts and Community - Day 7
  • Flight from Belém to São Paulo
Day 15
São Paulo
  • SP no Prato Tour
Day 16
São Paulo
  • São Paulo Immigration Tour
Day 17
São Paulo, Gonçalves
  • Car hire in Sao Paulo
Day 18
  • Free Day in Gonçalves
Day 19
Gonçalves, São Paulo
  • Gonçalves to São Paulo

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Brazil has enough climatic variety to sustain travel throughout the year. Expect humidity in the equatorial north, with heavy rain in the Amazon basin from December until May when river levels rise significantly. The famous Amazonian pink river dolphin can be spotted – with a bit of luck – all year round. Although the coastal regions northward are generally sunny, from Rio southward there are noticeable seasonal changes, with the coldest months from July until September. Temperatures can drop to 10°C (50°F) even at sea level in the far south.


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