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Trans-Siberian stop off

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5 days
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Travelling on the Trans-Siberian (or more accurately the Trans-Mongolian) railway? This short trip is perfect if you want a stopover in Mongolia. Get beyond Ulaan Baatar and out into the countryside to see the real Mongolia - spend time in Khustaii National Park with a nomad family who will teach you about traditional nomadic lifestyles.

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Day 1
Khustaii Nuruu National Park
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar to Bayansonginot nomad community
  • Experience nomadic life
Day 2
Khogno Khan Mountain
  • Transfer from Khustaii Nuruu National Park to Khogno Khan Mountain
  • Explore around Khogno Khan National Reserve
  • Optional camel riding in Khogno Khan
Day 3
  • Transfer from Khogno Khan Mountain to Karakorum
  • Visit Erdene Zuu monastery
  • Visit Karakorum's Historical Museum
Day 4
Khustaii Nuruu National Park, White Lake
  • Transfer from Tsenkher hot spring to the White Lake
  • Visit Khustaii National Park
Day 5
Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Amarbayasgalant to Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer to Ulaan Baatar's train station