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A trip which covers many of the diverse landscapes of Mongolia. As well as the dunes of the Gobi desert, you'll journey across the greener Mongolian steppe before finishing with the lakes and hills of the north of the country, around Lake Khuvsgul. Along the way you'll learn about Nomadic culture, do some gentle (or not so gentle if you prefer) walks and hikes, and get a real sense of the vast land of Mongolia, the land of the blue sky.

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Day 1
Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar airport to your hotel
  • Welcome dinner in Ulaan Baatar
  • Traditional Mongolian Performance
Day 2
Yol Valley, Dalanzadgad
  • Flight from Ulaan Baatar to South Gobi
  • Travel to Yol valley
Day 3
Khongoryn Els
  • Transfer from Dalanzadgad to Khongoryn Els
  • Travel to Khongor San dunes
Day 4
Flaming Cliffs
  • Transfer from Khongoryn Els to Flaming Cliffs
  • Explore the Flaming Cliffs
Day 5
Ongiin Khiid
  • Transfer from Flaming Cliffs to Ongiin Khiid
  • Explore Ongiin Khiid
Day 6
Orkhon Valley
  • Transfer from Ongiin Khiid to Orkhon Valley
Day 7
  • Transfer from Khogno Khan to Karakorum
  • Visit Erdene Zuu monastery
Day 8
White Lake
  • Transfer from Karakorum to White Lake
  • Hiking around White Lake
Day 9
  • Transfer from White Lake to Jargalant
  • Hiking around Jargalant
Day 10
Lake Khuvsgul
  • Transfer from Jargalant to Lake Khuvsgul via Murun
Day 11
Lake Khuvsgul
  • Exploring around the Lake Khuvsgul
Day 12
Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Lake Khuvsgul to Murun
  • Flight from Murun to Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar airport to your hotel
  • Farewell dinner in Ulaan Baatar
Day 13
No locations for this day
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar to the airport