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A nomadic adventure

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8 days
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A great way to immerse yourself in Mongolian nomadic culture, this trip will give you some insights into this traditional way of life, as well as an introduction to Mongolia's endless skies.

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Day 1
Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar airport to your hotel
  • Traditional Mongolian Performance
  • Welcome dinner in Ulaan Baatar
Day 2
Khar Bukhiin Balgas, Gurvanbulag, Tsenkher Springs
  • Travel to Tsenkher hot spring
  • Explore Khar Bukhiin Balgas
  • Visit a Nomad Family in Gurvanbulag
Day 3
Gurvanbulag, Tsenkher Springs
  • Learn about the nomadic lifestyle.
Day 4
Karakorum, Tsenkher Springs
  • Transfer from Karakorum to Tsenkher Springs
  • Leisure day in Karakorum
Day 5
Karakorum, White Lake
  • Transfer from Khogno Khan to Karakorum
  • Visit Erdene Zuu monastery
Day 6
Khustaii Nuruu National Park, White Lake
  • Transfer from Tsenkher hot spring to the White Lake
  • Visit Khustaii National Park
Day 7
Ulaan Baatar
  • Transfer from Amarbayasgalant to Ulaan Baatar
  • At leisure in Ulaan Baatar.
  • Shopping in Ulaan Baatar
  • Farewell dinner in Ulaan Baatar
Day 8
No locations for this day
  • Transfer from Ulaan Baatar to the airport