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Ultimate Undiscovered Islands

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An island paradise you've probably never heard of, the beaches of the Molluca Archipelago and the Bandas Islands are some of the loveliest in Indonesia. With white sand shorelines, azure waters and swaying palm trees, they offer a picture-perfect island escape. From taking cooking lessons with locals to enjoying scuba diving sessions, these wonderful destinations remain far from the average tourist itinerary.

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Day 1
The Moluccas
  • Transfer from airport in Tual to your hotel
  • At leisure on Kei Kecil island
Day 2
The Moluccas
  • Transfer from hotel to Tual port to board boat
  • Boat transfer from Tual to Bair
  • Day of island hopping - Bair, Adranan, Dullah Laut
Day 3
The Moluccas
  • Transfer to Debut for your speedboat transfer
  • Speedboat transfer from Debut to Ngurtafur beach
  • Visit Ngurtafur and Ohoiew Island
  • Transfer from Ohoiew Island to Kei Kecil
Day 4
The Moluccas
  • Transfer from Coaster Cottages to port for your boat to Kei Besar
  • Boat transfer from Kei Kecil to Kei Besar
  • Transfer from Elat port to Ohoiwait
  • Short tour of Ohoiwait village
Day 5
The Moluccas
  • At leisure in Ohoiwait
  • Transfer from Ohoiwait to Wulurat
  • Short tour of Wulurat
Day 6
The Moluccas
  • Transfer from Wulurat to Pulau Kelapa
  • At leisure in Pulau Kelapa
  • Transfer from Pulau Kelapa to Wulurat
  • Cooking with locals in Wulurat village
Day 7
The Moluccas
  • Boat transfer from Kei Besar to Kei Kecil
  • At leisure on Kei Kecil island
Day 8
The Moluccas, Ambon
  • Flight from Kei Kecil to Ambon
  • Guided day trip around Ambon and Soya
Day 9
Banda Islands
  • Boat transfer from Ambon to Banda Islands
  • Get settled in the Banda Islands
Day 10
Banda Islands
  • Day of leisure in the Banda Islands
Day 11
Banda Islands
  • At leisure in the Banda Islands
Day 12
Banda Islands
  • Explores the Bandas Islands
Day 13
  • Boat transfer from Banda Islands to Ambon
  • Transfer from Ambon port to your hotel
Day 14
No locations for this day
  • Transfer from your hotel in Ambon to the airport