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Magical Argentina

A trip idea by Say Hueque
Trip cost ex. international flights
from £1,230 per person
7 days

The trip features a dynamic immersion into Argentina’s culture where you will experience traditional tango music and dance at an iconic "milonga" (neighbourhood tango house) with locals, visit the rural culture of Argentina's famous "mate" (herbal drink) with an overnight stay at an historic finca (farm) in the countryside and tour the historic Jesuitic ruins to learn about the religious and cultural history in the region, while also learning about Pope Francisco. The final highlight of the trip is experiencing the full moon at Iguazu Falls - you will be surprised!

A trip idea created by Say Hueque

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.
Day 1
Buenos Aires
  • Transfer from Buenos Aires International airport to your hotel
  • Wine tasting in Buenos Aires
Day 2
Buenos Aires
  • Walking tour of Buenos Aires
  • Traditional tango
Day 3
Buenos Aires, Posadas, Oberá
  • Internal flight from Buenos Aires to Posadas
  • Tour to the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio
  • La Chacra traditional farm tour
Day 4
Oberá, Iguazú Falls
  • Transfer from Oberá to Puerto Iguazú
  • Full Moon excursion to the Iguazú Falls
Day 5
Iguazú Falls
  • Iguazu National Park: Argentine side
Day 6
Iguazú Falls
  • Iguazu National Park: Brazilian side
Day 7
Iguazú Falls, Buenos Aires
  • Transfer from Puerto Iguazú to the airport
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The climate ranges from subtropical to subpolar. The north has hot, humid summers and dry, mild winters; the central regions are hot and sometimes stormy in summer, cool in winter; the south has warm summers and cold winters with some snowfall at higher elevations. The central coastline and the Río de la Plata estuary, which includes Buenos Aires, are best avoided from May until August, when the rains are heavy. If you’re in the wine-growing Cuyo region or the western Pampas, pack layers for variable temperatures. A hot, dry wind - The Zonda - occasionally roars down from Andean heights, blowing for several hours, and can be followed by temperature drops.


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