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Japan's Culinary Heritage (Group Tour)

Trip cost ex. international flights
from £4,240 per person
11 days
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Of all the reasons to visit Japan, its delicious, globally-renowned cuisine remains one of its most exciting draws. Follow your tastebuds and join a group for this delectable tour - which includes the foodie backstreets of Tokyo, the markets of Kanazawa, foraging in Gokayama, family dinners in traditional Ryokan - and of course, tracing Sake from brewery to glass.

This is a group tour, with a fixed itinerary and scheduled start dates. Enquire now to find out more.

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Day 1
  • Welcome to your Guided Group tour of Japan’s Culinary Heritage
  • Shared Arrival transfer from Narita Airport to your hotel in Tokyo - by shared van
  • Welcome to Tokyo
  • Evening food and drink tour of Tokyo (Group)
Day 2
  • Travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa by train (Group)
  • Welcome to Kanazawa
  • Culinary day in Kanazawa (Group)
Day 3
  • Travel from Kanazawa to Gokoyama by private coach (Group)
  • Tour of Gokayama (Group)
  • Foraging experience in Gokayama (Group)
Shirakawago, Takayama
Day 4
Shirakawago, Takayama
  • Travel from Gokoyama to Shirakawa-go by highway bus (Group)
  • Visit Shirakawa-go (Group)
  • Travel from Shirakawa-go to Takayama by highway bus (Group)
  • Welcome to Takayama
  • Kaiseki dinner at a traditional Ryokan (Group)
Hida Furukawa, Takayama
Day 5
Hida Furukawa, Takayama
  • Travel from Takayama to Hida Furukawa by train (Group)
  • Visit Hida Furukawa (Group)
  • Earth-oven cooking experience (Group)
  • Visit local sake brewery (Group)
Day 6
  • Travel from Takayama to Osaka by train (Group)
  • Welcome to Osaka - 'Japan's Kitchen'
  • Dinner in Yamanaka Sake shop (Group)
Asuka, Osaka
Day 7
Asuka, Osaka
  • Travel from Osaka to Asuka by train (Group)
  • Welcome to Asuka
  • Organic farming and home-cooking experience (Group)
  • Travel from Asuka to Osaka by train (Group)
  • Evening at leisure in Osaka (Optional)
Awaji Island
Day 8
Awaji Island
  • Travel from Osaka to Awaji Island (Group)
  • Visit Awaji Island (Group)
  • Culinary day in Awaji (Group)
Day 9
  • Travel from Awaji Island to Kyoto by coach and train (Group)
  • Welcome to Kyoto
  • Explore Nishiki Market (Group)
  • Explore the Gion district of Kyoto
Day 10
  • Half day tour of Kyoto starting on Philosopher's Path (Group)
  • Farewell Kaiseki Dinner in Kyoto (Group)
Kansai Airport
Day 11
Kansai Airport
  • End of tour (Group)
  • Departure transfer from Kyoto to Kansai International Airport