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Classic Japan 14 Days

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14 days
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Discover quintessential Japan on this 14-day self-guided tour of its most treasured and iconic destinations. Experience Tokyo, one of the world's most incredible capital cities and for good reason. Absorb the elegant feudal history of Kamakura, walk the ancient trail at Tsumago, and indulge in exquisite Japanese cuisine in Tokyo's backstreets. Continue onto Hiroshima to see firsthand how such historic tragedy can evoke a sense of profound peace; then capture the gorgeous views of the reflected Torii gates in the waters of Miyajima Island. Kyoto's intricate historic treasures come next - a land of cherry blossom, golden shrines and tradition. Finish your tour at Lake Ashi, catching sight of world-renowned Mount Fuji, returning for a final day in Tokyo before your journey home.

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Day 1
  • Welcome to your self-guided tour of Japan
  • Arrival transfer from Narita airport to Tokyo - by train (Self-guided)
Day 2
  • Welcome to Tokyo
  • Visit the Imperial East Garden in Tokyo (Self-guided)
Day 3
  • A day at leisure in Tokyo
  • Visit Asakusa, home of the grand temple of Senso-ji (Self-guided)
Kamakura, Tokyo
Day 4
Kamakura, Tokyo
  • Travel from Tokyo to Kamakura by train (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • At leisure in Kamakura
  • Travel from Kamakura to Tokyo by train (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • An evening of food and drink in Tokyo
Day 5
  • Travel from Tokyo to Nagiso by bullet train and train (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • Travel from Nagiso to Tsumago by bus (Self-guided)
  • Welcome to Tsumago
Day 6
  • Travel from Tsumago to Nagiso by bus (Self-guided)
  • Travel by train from Nagiso to Hiroshima (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • Welcome to Hiroshima
  • Tour of the Peace Memorial Park and Museum in Hiroshima (Self-guided)
Hiroshima, Miyajima Island
Day 7
Hiroshima, Miyajima Island
  • At leisure in Hiroshima
  • Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima Island (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • Welcome to Miyajima
  • Travel from Miyajima Island to Hiroshima (Self-guided) (JRP)
Day 8
  • Travel from Hiroshima to Kyoto by bullet train (Self-guided)
  • Welcome to Kyoto
Day 9
  • At leisure in Kyoto
  • See Kinkakuji Pavilion (Self-guided)
  • Explore the Gion district of Kyoto (Self-guided)
Kyoto, Nara
Day 10
Kyoto, Nara
  • See Fushimi-inari Shrine (Self-guided)
  • Travel from Inari to Nara by train (Self-guided) (JRP)
  • Welcome to Nara, the ancient capital of Japan
  • Visit Todaiji Temple (Self-guided)
  • Travel from Nara to Kyoto by JR train (Self-guided)
Hakone & Mt Fuji
Day 11
Hakone & Mt Fuji
  • Travel from Kyoto to Hakone (Self-guided)
  • At leisure in Hakone
  • Visit Hakone National Park and Owakudani
Hakone & Mt Fuji, Hakone Yumoto
Day 12
Hakone & Mt Fuji, Hakone Yumoto
  • See Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi (Self-guided)
  • Visit Hakone Open Air Museum (Self-guided)
Day 13
  • Travel from Hakone to Tokyo (Self-guided)
  • Stroll around the peaceful Hamarikyu garden (Self-guided)
  • Suggested Sightseeing: Visit Island of Odaiba
  • Visit the Shinjuku Skyscraper District in Tokyo (Self-guided)
Day 14
No locations for this day
  • Departure transfer from Tokyo to Haneda/Narita Airport - by private vehicle