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Beaches and birdlife, sun and sealife

A trip idea by MozSensations
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10 days

Combine sheer indulgence with amazing wildlife experiences on this memorable trip. Best undertaken from June to late October when you'll see humpback whales swimming along the coastline to give birth in the warm waters before migrating back to the cold Antarctic waters. You’ll be able to observe these magnificent creatures from your private terrace and get a closer view during ocean safaris.

A trip idea created by MozSensations

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Day 1
  • Transfer from Inhambane airport to your hotel in the dunes
Day 2
  • Dovela dunes guided walk
Day 3
  • Dovela dunes birdwatching trip
  • Dovela village tour
Day 4
  • Trip to lake Dongane
  • Dovela scubadiving or relaxing
Day 5
  • Visit to Inharrime
  • Walk to Panamana
Day 6
Inharrime, Inhambane
  • Transfer from Dovela to Barra beach
Day 7
  • At leisure in Barra
Day 8
  • Second day at leisure in Barra
Day 9
  • Third day at leisure in Barra
Day 10
  • Transfer from Barra to Inhambane airport
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Temperatures in Mozambique are toasty year round. Tourism all but comes to a halt during the wet season, which stretches from December to May. The dry season from June to October has more comfortable daily highs of around 25°C and lows of around 15°C. Most will wish to explore Mozambique during this period, but those whose visit is confined to the wet season can gamble on the south, where there is a good chance of clement weather.


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