Trip idea in Ghana

Nature, art and village life

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from £1,120 per person
12 days
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If you like slow travel and are happy with basic to moderate comfort, then this is a perfect itinerary for you. It offers the perfect contrast with hectic Western life-styles and, in our opinion, is the best way to experience Africa. In a little quiet village like Atsiekpoe, something interesting is happening every moment and with this trip, you have time to be part of it. Other highlights include walks that let you breathe in the surrounding nature, craftsmen you will meet and the items you will make yourself such batik and beads.

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.

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Day 1
Accra, Amrahia
  • Transfer from Kotoka International Airport to your hotel in the outskirts of Accra
  • At leisure in Accra
Day 2
  • Visit to the historical town Dodowa
  • Visit a traditional glass beads workshop
Day 3
  • Transfer from Accra to Atsiekpoe
  • Visit to the Ewe village of Atsiekpoe
Day 4
  • A full day Village Life Experience in Atsiekpoe
Day 5
Ho, Amedzofe
  • Transfer from Atsiekpoe to Amedzofe
  • Visit Kpetoe, the Kente Weaving Village
  • Hike from Biakpa to Mount Gemi and Amedzofe
Day 6
Amedzofe, Liate Wote
  • Descend by foot from Amedzofe to Fume
  • Transfer from Amedzofe to Liate Wote
  • Leisure time at Liate Wote
Day 7
Liate Wote
  • Spend the day in Liate Wote
Day 8
Tafi Atome, Akosombo, Atimpoku
  • Transfer from Liate Wote to Atimpoku
  • Visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
  • Visit Akosombo Dam
  • Leisure time at the Volta riverbank
Day 9
Cape Coast, Elmina
  • Visit Cape Coast Castle and Museum
  • Transfer from Atimpoku to Cape Coast and Elmina
  • Leisure time at the beach
Day 10
Elmina, Cape Coast
  • Visit Elmina town
  • Make your own batik cloth
Day 11
Kakum National Park, Elmina
  • Visit Kakum National Park
Day 12
  • Leisure time at the beach
  • Transfer from Cape Coast and Elmina to Kotoka International Airport