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Ultimate Ghana, Togo and Benin

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22 days
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This comprehensive 21-day trip takes in three of West Africa's cultural gems - Ghana, Togo and Benin. Starting from the Ghanaian capital Accra you will head east to the riverside village of Atsiekope - the site of a community tourism project. After crossing the border into Togo you stop at the authentic Ewe village of Davedi, before exploring the Togolese capital Lomé, home to a famous voodoo fetish market. The latter part of the itinerary is based in Benin, the true home of Voodoo and one of the most interesting historical destinations in the region. A tour of Ouidah - one of the most important slave trading ports in Africa, is a sobering experience. You will enjoy a few days exploring the wildlife and landscapes of the north of Benin before looping back to northern Ghana.

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Day 1
  • Transfer from Kotoka International Airport to your hotel in the outskirts of Accra
Day 2
Atsiekpoe, Lome
  • Transfer from Accra to Atsiekpoe
  • Visit Atsiekpoe, an authentic village in the Volta region
  • Transfer from Atsiekope to Lomé in Togo
  • Explore Lomé
Day 3
  • Transfer from Lomé to Davedi
  • Experience the village of Davedi
  • Tour the pottery village of Bolu
Day 4
Vogan, Lake Aheme
  • Transfer from Davedi to Lomé
  • Marché des Féticheurs
  • Visit the weekly market in Vogan
  • Visit Possotomé on the shore of Lake Ahémè
Day 5
Lake Aheme, Ouidah
  • Transfer from Possotomé to Ouidah
  • Stop at the pottery village of Se
Day 6
  • Visit Ouidah
Day 7
  • Transfer from Ouidah to Ganvié by motorised canoe
  • Guided boat tour of Ganvié
Day 8
  • Transfer from Ganvié to Abomey
  • Visit the royal palaces of Abomey
Day 9
Abomey, Dassa-Zoumé
  • Explore Abomey
  • Transfer from Abomey to Dassa-Zoumé
Day 10
  • Transfer from Dassa-Zoumé to Natitingou, making stops along the way
  • Explore Natitingou
Day 11
Pendjari National Park
  • Transfer from Natitingou to Pendjari National Park
  • Optional walk to the Tanougou Falls
  • Tour Pendjari National Park
Day 12
Pendjari National Park
  • Full day in Penjari
Day 13
Natitingou, Boukoumbé
  • Transfer from Penjari to Boukoumbé via the Atakora Mountains
  • Explore the Atakora Mountains
Day 14
Boukoumbé, Kara
  • Transfer from Boukoumbé to Kara
  • Optional stop-off at Sarakawa National Park
Day 15
  • Transfer from Kara to Sokodé via local villages
  • Attend the fire dance at night
Day 16
  • Transfer from Sokodé to Kpalimé via Atakpame
  • At leisure at Kpalimé
Day 17
Kpalimé, Liate Wote
  • Hiking trails to Mount Agou
  • Transfer from Kpalimé to Liate Wote in Ghana
Day 18
Liate Wote, Wli
  • Spend the day in Liate Wote
  • Hike to the Agumatsa Falls
Day 19
Tafi Atome, Atimpoku, Akosombo
  • Transfer from Liate Wote to Atimpoku
  • Visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
  • Leisure time at the Volta riverbank
  • Visit Akosombo Dam
Day 20
Cape Coast, Elmina
  • Transfer from Atimpoku to Cape Coast and Elmina
  • Visit Cape Coast Castle and Museum
  • Leisure time in Elmina
Day 21
Elmina, Biriwa
  • Visit Elmina town
  • Transfer from Cape Coast and Elmina to Biriwa
Day 22
Biriwa, Accra
  • Leisure time in Biriwa at your hotel near the beach
  • Transfer from Biriwa to Accra
  • Enjoy the highlights of Accra
  • Souvenir shopping around Accra
  • Transfer from Accra to Kotoka International Airport