Cattle drinking at a water trough in Senegal
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Off the beaten track in Senegal

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This enriching 10 day trip takes you to the unspoilt wonders of Senegal. Take in the lesser known sights, soak up the energetic culture and get under the skin the country's hidden gems. Highlights include: ➣ Cross the Gambia region to uncharted nature reserves. ➣ Discover the idyllic Karone islands. ➣ Explore the enchanting village of Abene. ➣ Meet local Diola inhabitants in the fishing village of Diembering. If you're keen to get off the beaten path and want an authentic taste of Senegal, then this itinerary is perfect for you.

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Day 1
  • Transfer from Dakar airport to Saly Somone
Day 2
  • Transfer from Saly to Kafountine, Casamance Region
Day 3
  • Excursion to the Karone islands
  • Cycling tour of Abene
Kafountine, Ziguinchor
Day 4
Kafountine, Ziguinchor
  • Boat tour to Kassel Wetland Reserve
  • Transfer from Abene to Ziguinchor
  • Ziguinchor city tour
Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring
Day 5
Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring
  • Boat excursion to Kalissaye reserve
  • Visit Oussouye village
  • Transfer from Ziguinchor to Cap Skirring
Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring
Day 6
Ziguinchor, Cap Skirring
  • Explore Karabane island
  • Diembering village & Museum
Day 7
  • Transfer from Cap Skirring to Kaolack
  • Kaolack city tour
Day 8
  • Transfer from Kaolack to Dakar
  • A city tour of Dakar
Gorée Island, Dakar
Day 9
Gorée Island, Dakar
  • Transfer from Dakar to Gorée Island by boat
  • Tour of Gorée Island and the House of Slaves
  • Transfer from Gorée Island to Dakar
  • At leisure in Dakar
Day 10
No locations for this day
  • Transfer from Dakar to the airport