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2020 Update from our Founders


To all our travellers, local experts and friends around the world – Happy New Year, wherever you are!

In the world of travel, this is the busiest time of year. Here at TravelLocal we receive many requests every day, at all hours, from around the world. It’s amazing to think of all of this global communication taking place around the clock, and reminds us how interconnected we have all become, with contacts and friendships being forged across cultures, often thousands of miles apart. Long may it continue!

2020 will be unlike any previous year for us. TravelLocal is growing ever faster as the idea of “booking local” spreads. That’s exciting for us and our local experts and we believe it is changing travel for the better. It is not, however, the only thing we can or should do to bring about that change. For example this year we will begin our first carbon offsetting scheme (full details to follow soon). Offsetting is not a solution to climate change, but it is beneficial when done in the right way. We are also bringing together all of the various contributions our local experts make towards a better, more thoughtful kind of travel – in habitat conservation, education, recycling and economic development – so that you can see them all in one place. It’s inspiring to understand just how proactive and engaged all our local experts are in making change happen – we are proud to work with them.

In the next few months we are expanding our range of destinations. You should see Thailand, Egypt, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia shortly, with Mauritius following later in the year. From our existing destinations we would also single out:

  • Nicaragua – for being culturally rich, distinctive and under-visited.
  • Mexico – which offers fascinating breadth and depth – a must see country!
  • Bhutan – a truly unique destination.
  • Uzbekistan – with new visa rules in place, it’s much easier to visit now. Come before the crowds descend.
  • South Africa – the variety of a whole continent, all in one country. Amazing value.
  • Oman – Arabia’s most beautiful and relaxed country.
  • Russia – a pivotal cultural must-see. Our local experts can open the doors to this complicated country in a way that’s impossible to achieve by self-booking.
  • Morocco – because it’s complex, varied and great value.
  • Uganda – a fantastic wildlife destination with mountain gorillas, the profuse birdlife of the equatorial forests and some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery.

As always do get in touch with us directly whenever you have feedback – about what we do, how we do it and how we can improve (email team@travellocal.com). We have learned a huge amount from our customers – many of the changes we have made over the years have come directly from your suggestions. Thank you for your help and your belief in what we are trying to do.

Happy travels,

Huw & Tom

Huw and Tom, TravelLocal founders

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