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Community Tour of the Amazon


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14 days

Discover Brazil's hidden gems by exploring the waterways of the Amazon on this sustainable tour. ➣ Take to the treetops in Presidente Figueiredo ➣ Meet the Amazonian people of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve and the Urucureá people on the Arapiuns River ➣ Hike in the rainforest to spot wildlife and track big cats ➣ Relax in the enchanted waters of the bio-diverse Canal do Jari With a mix of hiking, treetop trails, interacting with locals and cruising through hidden waterways, this tour is the perfect way to authentically explore all the Amazon rainforest has to offer.

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.

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Day 1 - Manaus

  • Transfer from Manaus Airport (MAO) to your hotel

Day 2 - Manaus

  • Amazon Jungle: Full day tour of the Manaus region
Presidente Figueiredo

Day 3 - Presidente Figueiredo

  • Transfer from Manaus to President Figueiredo
  • Amazon Emotions - Hike to a rainforest waterfall
  • Amazon Emotions - Shop for local handicrafts
Presidente Figueiredo

Day 4 - Presidente Figueiredo

  • Amazon Emotions - Tree climbing experience
Presidente Figueiredo

Day 5 - Presidente Figueiredo

  • Amazon Emotions - Following the Footprints of Wild Cats

Day 6 - Manaus

  • Transfer from Presidente Figueiredo to Manaus
  • Flight from Manaus (MAO) to Tefé (TFF)
  • Transfer from Tefé Airport (TFF) to Uacari Lodge by car and boat
Tefé, Manaus

Day 7 - Tefé, Manaus

  • Uacari Lodge Day 1 - Community Trails and Night Walk
Tefé, Manaus

Day 8 - Tefé, Manaus

  • Uacari Lodge Day 2: Hiking trail and Lake Mamiraua boat trip
Tefé, Manaus

Day 9 - Tefé, Manaus

  • Uacari Lodge Day 3: Piranha fishing and presentation from local scientists

Day 10 - Santarém

  • Transfer from Uacari Lodge to Tefé Airport (TFF) by boat and car
  • Flight from Tefé (TFF) to Santarém (STM) via Manaus (MAO)
Alter do Chão, Santarém

Day 11 - Alter do Chão, Santarém

  • Transfer from Santarém to Alter do Chao
  • Alter do Chão River Cruise - Day 1 - Exploring the Village

Day 12 - Santarém

  • Cruising the Amazon day two - birdwatching and a community visit to Urucurea

Day 13 - Santarém

  • Cruising the Amazon day three - hiking the Chestnut Trail and visiting a community library

Day 14 - Santarém

  • Cruising the Amazon day four - departure
  • Transfer from Alter do Chão to Santarém Airport (STM)
  • Flight from Santarém (STM) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)